Why No U.S. "Gangmaster" Prosecutions?
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Ever wonder why a particular fast-food outlet or chain store branch in your neighborhood seems to employ almost exclusively members of some particular foreign group?

Almost certainly there is a people-broker—the British call them "gangmasters"—responsible. Someone who undertakes to supply quantities of compliant help, frequently drawn from his own country of origin.

This function, much more than the better-known border smuggling operations, is the drive-shaft of illegal immigration. Think about it: who would risk a dangerous and expensive crossing without very high confidence of quick employment in the unknown city to which they are headed?

In the UK, a Ukrainian who

"…arrived in Britain as an asylum seeker in 2000…so poor that he had elastic bands round his shoes"

has just been convicted of supplying over 700 workers to the Scottish fish processing industry. Estimated to have been clearing over $5 million a year, he faces 14 years in jail [Police hail gang master conviction BBC NEWS February 3 2005]

Question to VDARE readers: How many convictions like this have you seen in America? (Note money laundering/tax evasion aspect).

Have you seen any?

Why not?

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