VDARE.com: Saturday's Letters: A U.S. Soldier Fighting in Iraq Calls The Spanish National Anthem A "Debacle"
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Saturday's Letters: A U.S. Soldier Fighting in Iraq Calls The Spanish National Anthem A "Debacle"

From: SGT. Rhodes, U.S.A.-F.A., Iraq

Re: James Fulford's Blog: Star-Spangled Spanish

I have already written both my senators and my governor about this debacle of changing our National Anthem.  I fully support our President's opinion about keeping it in English. 

I have also voiced my utter disdain about the lyrics being altered on that sacred document. I am over here in Iraq fighting for both my and all of your freedoms, to protect my family, and my nation's heritage and this backstabbing comes along?

I find it incorrigible, disgusting and juvenile. Cease and desist! Stop what you are causing!

This letter reflects the personal opinion of SGT. Rhodes and is not the opinion of the U.S. Armed Forces

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Saturday's Letters: NPR Incenses A New Jersey Reader

From: Danusha V. Goska [e-mail her]

Re: James Fulford's Column: NPR vs. VDARE.COM

Just as African Americans are proud of Rosa Parks, as feminists are proud of suffrage, I am proud of my fellow Slavic Americans who in 1897 struck in the name of fair labor practices in Lattimer, Pennsylvania, sacrificing their lives for a better future.

As long as the rich can exploit the desperate, the poor are robbed of any dignity. In the same way that slavery robbed the slaveholder and the slave of his humanity, a culture of the very rich and the struggling poor creates an eroded society.

As a working class American, I am heartbroken by the rhetoric around the immigration crisis. NPR has labeled anyone who questions the status quo as "evil," "racist" and "white supremacist." I'm reminded of the Soviet-era news broadcasts I heard in Eastern Europe.

Work was once the route an American took to achieve a dignified life. A blue-collar worker from the union generation could stand up to white- collar worker. That dignity and security bestowed by union labor allowed the rich and the working class American to feel, at least on some levels, united in a broader community.

My mother, an immigrant, and card-carrying Teamster, taught me my Darwin young. I grew up knowing that capital and labor are in competition. Capital, with its allies in elite media and academia, erodes union gains for American workers as soon as they are made.

One weapon in the elite's quiver is illegal immigration. As long as there is an unchecked influx of workers willing, however temporarily, to do anything at any price, no U.S. worker's job is safe.

This is a very good thing for America's rich. Their lawns are pristine; their bank accounts fat. But their greed damages our nation.

Financier Jay Gould boasted that he could hire one half of the working class to kill the other half. Today's invective on immigration, invoking imaginary racists as the bad guy while ignoring the real issues at stake, keeps Gould's spirit alive.

Goska, a writer, teacher and Ph.D. from Indiana University does "manual labor to make ends meet." She submitted this essay to NPR (e-mail) which rejected it.

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Saturday's Letters: A Colorado Reader and Malkin Fan Wonders When Michelle Will Make the Bush-Illegal Alien Connection

From: Robin Lent [e-mail him]

Re: Michelle Malkin's Column: Reconquista Is Real

Ms. Malkin nails it every time when she writes about illegal immigration.

Her latest is another great example of eloquently exposing the evil and hate behind this massive tide of illegals. I applaud her efforts.

But I just don't get her fawning over George W. Bush.

When will she realize that Bush is a major reason all this is all happening? Those "Bush Bashers" are not just on the left but include people like me who believe the President is betraying and destroying this country.  Malkin incorrectly believes Bush is a "conservative".

It would be great if Michelle saw the light and wrote in her wonderful style an article detailing why President Bush should be impeached and thrown out of office.

Thanks to VDARE.COM for a great website.

Lent manages his wife Dolly's internal medicine practice. She is a naturalized citizen of Chinese descent

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Saturday's Letters: A U.K. Musician Calls Americans "Barbaric, Invasive and Cruel"

From: Axel Dubon [e-mail him]

Re: VDARE.COM Coalition

Greetings from the United Kingdom to you Anglo-Saxon rejects!

Please stop attacking Mexicans, Mexican Americans and other non-Mexican Immigrants.

Mexican people have always been in the Southwest of the United States Of Mexico. This is their land and the Native American's land.

Anglo-Saxons are invaders. I know it hurts being invaded but others don't like it when the U.S. invades especially the common folk of Iraq, Vietnam, Korea, Cuba, Panama and the list goes on and on.

Anyhow, stop invading others and others will not invade you. Preach what you practice and believe what you practice. A Democracy is not an oligarchy. Finally, I am shocked and ashamed to discover that Americans could be so barbaric and invasive and cruel.

But as they say "what goes around comes around".

Thus, the southwestern United States of Mexico is being reconquered culturally, linguistically, biologically and economically.

Face it. We all have to pay back when one does horrific and barbaric actions against others. That's the way "Karma" works. And it has worked for me.

I love Mexicans because they are correct in their fight. I love their teeth and their skin. They buy my music because they are more European in heart and soul than any American Anglo-Saxon ever will be.

Go United States of Mexico!

Joe Guzzardi comments: Too weird. Now "teeth" and "skin" are reasons for more immigration?  What does strike me however is the observation that "they buy my music." The economic incentive for immigration is always close at hand.

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Saturday's Letters: An Idaho Reader Gives Senators Craig and Crapo A Piece Of His Mind

From: Robert B. Murray II, Ph.D. [e-mail him]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Senator Craig's AgJOBS Amnesty—Feeding AgriBusiness' Cheap Labor Addiction
I just mailed a letter to Senator Larry Craig challenging him to do what is right and just...that is to obey and enforce current immigration laws.  He claims it is "impractical to deport illegal aliens," and his solution is to legalize them.  His AgJOBS is just another program that will not be enforced and fraud will reign superior to law.

When the IRS and Social Security Administration publicly announce they refuse to aid immigration investigators, why should anyone believe that any guest worker program wouldn't be fraud ridden?  Most of us know that the Federal Government is complicit in "aiding and abetting" the illegal alien.  Many of us believe that Congress plays an essential role in this deception by providing money to groups that support the illegal aliens, while doing nothing to stop the invasion.

There can be no sensible guest worker program as long as the federal government does everything in its power to thwart immigration law.  How can anyone believe there will compliance to any future program, when government does not require itself to be accountable? 

Congress must enforce current immigration law before it starts devising new schemes that will obviously foster even greater corruption.

G-men have scammed us too often. 

Murray, born in Washington D.C., is a grandchild of legal immigrants from Sweden, Scotland, and Germany. He grew up in pre-smog California, attended Forestry School at the University of Montana (BSF and MSF) and earned a Ph.D. in Plant Ecology at Washington State University.

He was employed by the U.S. Forest Service and Agricultural Research Service as a Range Scientist. Murray describes himself as one of the millions who want to save America from over-population and destruction by the elite.

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Saturday's Letters:  Illinois Reader Wonders Why Dave Gorak Thinks He's So "Damn Superior"

From: Joy Marsh [e-mail her]

Re: Dave Gorak's Column: Immigration Idiocy In Illinois

Unless you are a Native Indian we are all aliens. 

My ancestors came over in 1630.  My son was in the Navy for 22 years stationed in San Diego. I've been in San Diego and seen the rush in the morning and evening as illegals run over the border from Mexico.

Look, they do jobs no one else wants like yard work, housekeeping, washing dishes, etc…jobs that are below a lot of us Americans. I'd love to have an alien working for me. 

I'm seventy years old and have seven acres to take care of. It's a lot of work.  Why do you think you are so damn superior?

Joe Guzzardi Comments: Mrs. Marsh has combined two of the most tedious arguments for more immigration into one letter: 1) if you are not an American Indian, you can't complain and 2) no American will do yard work.

I suspect at seventy, Mrs. Marsh is not going to be persuaded otherwise. But it is a good sign that she is reading VDARE.COM.  One is never too old to learn.

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Saturday's Letters: A Washington State Reader Says Her Hospitality Has Worn Thin

From: Ellen

Re: Today's Letter: A Louisiana Reader Wonders If Those Che-Loving Mexicans Know What Guevara Really Thought Of Them

I survived the illegal alien boycott quite well. Had I not seen the news about the protests, I wouldn't have noticed much different. I didn't wait in lines and I got through the McDonald's drive-up without a hitch. But when I read that they hire illegal aliens, I vowed never to eat there again.

In fact, America has survived for centuries without the Mexican invasion because other true immigrants, who work just as hard and struggle for citizenship like my ancestors did, pick up the slack of illegal immigrants who have the time and money to not show up for work.

I worked these past two days because I would lose my job if I did not. My boss wouldn't allow me two days off to protest anything. I'd be on the unemployment line—not the picket line.

But I guess when you are illegal, you don't have to really worry about getting fired. You can just cross the border back into Mexico and work there again. Unfortunately, I don't have anywhere else to go. I need my job.

Most of us didn't even feel even a twinge of inconvenience when the illegals attempted to cripple the U.S economy. We didn't become America by being so lame that a day or two of no-shows would matter. It simply proves the astounding arrogance of these people who think they are powerful enough to bring America to a grinding halt by flag waving and Spanish chanting. It's laughable hubris.

More boycotts would be a great idea. Their employers' patience would wear thin. Maybe these aliens would get fired and the problem would resolve itself.

P.S. I love the Saturday letters.

Seattle resident Ellen, a Democrat and journalist, requested that her last name and e-mail address be withheld because she "fears Latino gangland retaliation - another nicety that illegal immigration has graced my country with. Now I have to be nervous about defending my citizenship rights from people who aren't citizens." She has lived overseas and in Mexico

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Saturday's Letters: A Reader From India Comments About Race In America

From: Jishnu Acharya [e-mail him]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: CBS' 60 Minutes Fires The First Shot in the New H-1B Battle

Your articles are quite interesting. It's time that white nationalism be brought mainstream to the US.

A little background about me: I am an Aryan Indian from the Himalayan region. I'm discouraged to see the white race diminished with every passing hour.

My white ancestors made millions of mistakes centuries ago and the result is the chaotic India you see today. Multiculturalism is self-destructing.

The caste system has kept my family tree in strict racial lines, but look at the 97% of mixed breeds from central and south India who champion getting outsourced work from the West.

They do menial/sweat shop jobs requiring little intelligence.  But your liberal media and greedy corporate executives treat them as high-tech workers.

Affirmative action is killing both our countries. The last time I visited the US, I had to choose one language option over another to get my bill.

Your media is promoting racial diversity, multiculturalism, immigration and feminism like never before.

Result: alarming crime rates, depressed wages, intellectual loss and increased Third World wealth.

Save your race before it becomes extinct.

Good luck.

Acharya is a food technologist who works in tea plantations near Darjeeling, West Bengal, India.

Peter Brimelow writes: This is a fascinating letter—although, as I have repeatedly said, VDARE.COM is not a white nationalist site, but a coalition of immigration reformers that includes white nationalists. There's a difference!

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Saturday's Letters: A South Dakota Reader Recounts His Phone Call To Senator Tim Johnson's Office

From: Thomas Scheveck [e-mail him]

Re: James Fulford's Column: Celebrate Cinco De Mayo—Victory Over Invaders!

I have been reading VDARE.COM and other immigration websites since 9/11. That day horrified my family. We watched it live before school started.

I thought President Bush would close the border as a first defense against terror. Yet it remains wide open.

I recently called Senator Tim Johnson's office. I said I was disappointed that Senator Johnson voted for closure on the Hagel-Martinez proposal.

The lady I talked to said she would have Sen. Johnson's immigration expert contact me about my concerns. But the immigration expert never even heard of La Raza. I had to spell it for him!

Illegals here today do not want to assimilate. They want to remain Mexican and keep their Mexican heritage.

Washington is just a bunch of appeasers who are giving our country away so they can get re-elected. I'm fed up with the pandering by elected officials.

God bless a once great America.

Scheveck lives in Rapid City with his wife, a registered nurse and four children. He is a retired ironworker.

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Saturday's Letters: A California Reader Notices A Pattern in MSM Immigration Reporting

From: Don Stewart [e-mail him]

Re: Brenda Walker's Column: The Style Guide To Writing A Sensitive Immigrant Story

As a Sacramento Bee reader, I wonder if the Bee has a set of words that are mandatory for its immigration stories. 

For example, when the Bee writes about farm workers, they are always "toiling in the fields."  And alien students have a "dream." 

But whenever the Bee has to report about Mexican drug dealers and smugglers, the Mexicans who it would normally describe as "immigrants" suddenly become "Mexican nationals."

Stewart, who holds a B.S. degree in accounting, was born and raised in the San Francisco area. He served in the U.S. Army as a refrigeration mechanic from 1966-1969 and spent one year in Vietnam.

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Saturday's Letters: A Massachusetts Reader Says Ohio Senator Mike DeWine Is A Julian Simon Disciple

From: [Name Withheld]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Meet The Senate Judiciary Committee—Your Fate Is In Its Hands Right Now

I was fascinated to read in the April issue of Continental Airlines' in-flight magazine [ contact it] a puff piece profile of Ohio Republican Senator Mike DeWine.

Since this guy is one of the most bleeding heart, pro-open borders GOP members of the Judiciary Committee, I was hoping for some insight into his thinking. 

The only thing I could discern is that he is super-fond of kids - he has eight children and nine grandchildren.  It got me thinking how deeply seated the Julian Simon/Ben Wattenberg mindset is among many politicians with regard to utopianism and population growth

Maybe DeWine and his Republican colleague Kansas Senator Sam Brownback see these millions of illegal Mexicans and figure, hey, the more the merrier!  Illegal immigration must be pure psychotherapy to them with every illegal being so precious… a potential new member of the American family just waiting to be adopted. 

This is also the same mindset that finds part of the Roman Catholic and other liberal Protestant churches fighting for open borders, and compels idiots like Jack Kemp to oppose Proposition 187. 

One of these days I'll finish an article I've been working on about the coming denouement of the Julian Simon/Wall Street Journal infinite growth economic model. Probably in the next few years, the reckless and selfish mantra of endless growth will evaporate and today's reflexive deference to the feeble-minded, utopian, ultra pro-natalist types will be looked back upon the way people regarded flat-earth anti-intellectuals centuries ago. 

The main problem with DeWine and his ilk is that they are getting their psychotherapeutic fix by sacrificing land to sprawl, promoting resource depletion and increased pollution.  He thinks himself virtuous. But he is giving away something that isn't his to give. 

Keep up the great work at VDARE.COM.

The writer requested his name be withheld because he works for a major NYSE company that subjects its employees to sensitivity training and labels its products in English and Spanish. He is concerned that "the Human Resources Department and the PC-programmed senior management" might not concur with his views.

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