A North Carolina Education Expert Says "Insanity" Has Taken Over
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From: Tom Shuford [e-mail him]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: McCain, WSJ: "Amnestied Aliens Will Learn English, Civics!" Joe Guzzardi: "When Hell Freezes Over"

As a retired teacher who taught learning disabled 3rd to 5th graders for 28 years, I have nothing but fond memories of the few Hispanic kids I had on Long Island's North Shore.

Still, I identify with Guzzardi's thoughts in his piece.

What we have today is special interest driven insanity. A remark by Victor Davis Hanson made last year on C-Span's BookTV.org encapsulates our situation: "Too many, too quickly, from one place." 

Shuford, who lived in Los Angeles from 1998-2002, is a retired teacher and columnist for EducationNews.org. His series on immigration and schools can be found here. It was number one on Google for nine months using the search words "immigration" and "schools"

His recent letter critical of the H-1B visa program was published in USA Today. Read it here.

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