Howard Foster Shares His Unpublished Letter to the Wall Street Journal
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A North Carolina Reader Says American Workers Already Have "Training and Education"

From: Howard Foster [e-mail him]

[VDARE.COM note: Chicago lawyer Howard Foster—read our analysis of his successful class action lawsuit against the Zirkle Fruit Company for hiring illegal aliens heresubmitted the following letter to the Wall Street Journal, which of course didn't print it. But you can read it here—hooray for the internet! Email WSJ here)

Your March 16th story by June Kronholz, "Business Groups Fault U.S. Plan to Identify Illegal Workers,"   about the use of the federal government's on line employer Basic Pilot Employment Verification Program began by noting that Tyson Foods currently uses the system. 

However, you failed to inform your readers that Tyson Foods is currently a defendant in a RICO class action for knowingly employing vast numbers of illegal workers

Tyson President John Tyson, Archie Schaffer (whom you quoted), and three other top officials of the company are also named as defendants for their role in this massive conspiracy to violate the nation's immigration laws. 

Their illegal hiring racket is perpetrated because the company and its leadership know most of their workers are using stolen identity documents so that they can fraudulently pass the screening test. 

Thus, the company uses Basic Pilot as a fig leaf to conceal its scheme. 

One solution is for the government to post photos on line to detect the fraudulent use of identity documents. 

Another solution, supported by the Journal editorial page, is to repeal our immigration laws altogether.

A third, which I favor, is to enforce immigration laws by stepped up crackdowns of employers like Tyson and through private lawsuits like mine.

For your information, I am lead counsel in the Tyson class action for the plaintiffs, the legal workers at seven of Tyson's chicken processing plants.

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