California Reader Is Threatened With Violence At A May Day Rally
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05/02/06 - A Chinese Legal Immigrant Demands Answers from Illegal Aliens

From: Richard Khamsi [e-mail him]

Re: Michelle Malkin's Column: Reconquista Is Real

I attended the May 1st rally in Eureka, CA.

For hours, I listened to speeches by people who want America to open its doors to illegal aliens. And I saw a large red flag with Che Guevara's face on it flying high above the many American flags without any of the hundreds of demonstrators asking that the revolutionary's flag be removed or at least lowered.

Then, one of the speakers condemned America for all her wrongs. When he said America favored slavery, I lost my temper and shouted out that the U.S. fought the Civil War almost 150 years ago. Hundreds of thousands of Americans were killed in the cause of abolishing slavery.

Angry Mexican agitators immediately surrounded me. They told me that I had better run immediately away or risk physical injury.

I did not run. However, I could see how irate these aliens were. If any of them decided to attack me, I could not be certain whether anyone would step forward to defend me. In fact I believe that if one person had hit me, many others would have done the same.

A police officer suggested I would be safer viewing the rally from the courthouse steps where members of the Sheriff's Department and other law enforcement people were also watching observing the rally.

Rebecca Bender from the local Eureka Reporter interviewed me. She had seen what had happened to me when I tried to exercise my First Amendment rights.

Unfortunately, Bender's story (read it here) is inaccurate. I did not leave because I felt "intimidated" as she claimed. And Bender (e-mail her) does not mention that I was responding to strongly anti-American comments by illegal aliens.

Summarizing: Admitted illegal aliens and their supporters engage in a march and rally at the courthouse. They speak, in Spanish, for about two hours. Native English speaking people cannot understand most of what is said.

I did hear one speaker say, "When people tell us to go back to Mexico, we tell them, we are already in Mexico." That line got a lot of applause.

Another thought: since the nation was established, my ancestors have fought for this country, worked to build it and voted to strengthen our nation.

But now, we must deal with aliens who cross our borders illegally. By coming here in violation of our laws, they show contempt for America.

Khamsi worked for more than 20 years in a northern California county Department of Social Services.

His father immigrated legally to America from the Middle East, joined the U.S. Army and served in the Pacific Theater during World War II.

Khamsi's maternal ancestors came to the New World from Europe and the British Isles before the nation was known as the United States. They served in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.

Noting that he was called a "racist" many times at the rally, Khamsi makes this observation:

"The assumption is that I am a racist because I am white. But I had been a member of the NAACP for four years before it threw its support to convicted multiple murderer Stanley Williams. I resigned because I believe the organization has lost its moral compass."

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