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A CA Lawyer Says Ted Kennedy Couldn't "Carry His Own Water On A Simple Test"; etc.

From: Rachelle Young (e-mail her)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Teddy Kennedy: The Worst Of The Bad Guys

Guzzardi's column is spot on.

But Guzzardi omitted one other, disgusting detail from Kennedy's life: his cheating on a Spanish test that led to his temporary expulsion in 1951 from Harvard.

I remember reading about it when it happened, and I formed my opinion of Kennedy then. 

That this privileged slob, cloaked in a sense of entitlement, couldn't even be troubled to carry his own water on a simple test revealed much about his lack of character.

Kennedy's subsequent behavior only reinforced my contempt for him.

I worked while going through undergraduate and much of my postgraduate studies. I earned my degrees without cheating, and without ever being tempted or inclined to cheat.

Kennedy has left a trail of slime behind him throughout his life.

Too bad, I suppose, that Kennedy is sick. I admit though that part of me has hoped for years that he would keel over from a heart attack or, better yet, fall off his boat and drown.

I am old enough to know far better people than Kennedy who have died.

Young has B.A. and J.D. degrees although she does not currently practice law.

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A Maryland Reader Says Kennedy Loves Refugees…But Keep Them Away From Hyannis Port!

From: Ann Corcoran (e-mail her)

I've just read Guzzardi's column about Senator Ted Kennedy's role in assuring our borders are wide open to the world.

One area Guzzardi overlooked is the Massachusetts Senator's singular role in bringing millions of refugees to the United States from Third World countries.

Kennedy sponsored the Refugee Act of 1980, signed into law that same year by President Jimmy Carter.

When most Americans think about refugee resettlement, they imagine poor wretches in the big cities.

But I write a blog titled Refugee Resettlement Watch and we report on the disruption that Kennedy's law and the massive federal program it spawned has brought to small and medium sized cities nationwide.

Many uninformed pundits laud Kennedy's work with refugees, no doubt operating under the fuzzy misconception that the poor and huddled masses come for a better life, mostly helped along by various church charities.

The truth: Kennedy has enabled herds of roaming Muslim Somalis to follow the trail of jobs at meatpacking plants owned by the likes of Tyson Foods, depressing wages and disrupting communities with their refusal to assimilate, filing suits if they are told they can't pray during work hours or have to remove their robes and head scarves to wear a uniform required for safety.

Kennedy's Refugee Resettlement program, part of the U.S. State Department, is sacrosanct—deemed such a good and noble cause that no one dare touch it with a ten-foot pole.

Kennedy and his Democratic Senate friends like Joe Biden and Carl Levin set up a program where your tax dollars are distributed to ten major voluntary organizations, known commonly as "volags".

The concept of "voluntary" is a joke.

Volags are paid millions of your dollars each year to resettle refugees. 

Since volags are paid by the head, they have a huge incentive to keep the refugee flow coming.

But within three months, their money collected, the volags literally walk away from these immigrants who may have spent years in a refugee camp and have no clue how to function in our complex society.

Kennedy is responsible for bringing over two million refugees to the United States.

Although two million may seem small number compared to the millions who cross our borders freely, many of them are some of the roughest people in the world—Russian mobsters, Muslim Bosnians and Albanians (remember the Ft. Dix Six), Somalis and other Africans many of whom are illegal aliens who arrive via boats onto European shores and then are admitted via free airfare to the US as refugees.

Upon arrival, all immediately receive welfare benefits not available to other classes of immigrants.

Just before his illness, Kennedy snuck a bill on to a defense authorization bill to expand the number of Iraqis we would bring to the US.

The State Department already had the authority to bring thousands of Iraqis to America. But Kennedy managed to shove another 5,000 a year down the Bush administration's throat.

Surely there are some deserving Iraqis.

But even Iraq is asking for them to come home to rebuild their homeland, where they would be of more value than cutting meat at Swift's in Greeley, Colorado.

One thing you can be sure of: Kennedy's refugees won't be playing touch football in Hyannis Port or sailing off Cape Cod.

VDARE.COM note: for much more on the refugee industry rip off, read our comprehensive archive with columns by our experts Thomas Allen, Juan Mann and Ed Rubenstein.

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A Colorado Reader Says Don't Forget Kennedy's Palm Beach Philandering

From: Daniel Boyle (e-mail him)

Guzzardi forgot about the sickening and perverted behavior of the grossly overweight, middle-aged Teddy Kennedy in Palm Beach, Florida on March 29, 1991.

That fateful night involved Kennedy, along with his hard-drinking son, Patrick—now a Rhode Island Congressman—and his nephew William Kennedy Smith and included drunkenness, rape (charges brought by Patricia Bowman against Smith), stonewalling and lying to the police, obstructing justice and spreading false rumors about the alleged rape victim.

Of course, the Kennedys suffered no serious consequences.

Instead, Smith was acquitted of all charges and in 1994 Kennedy was re-elected by a comfortable margin.

Try as I might, I find it hard to feel sorry for Kennedy despite his terminal illness.

As Guzzardi wrote, cancer is a scourge.

But so is Teddy Kennedy.

Joe Guzzardi comments: Thanks to readers Young, Corcoran and Boyle for their excellent letters. We received many others that we will be posting over the next few weeks.

Among a columnist's considerations when he sits down to draft his piece, especially when the subject is as content-rich as Teddy Kennedy, is not to overload his article with excessive detail.

So I am grateful to our well-informed readers for filling in the information gaps.

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A Texas Woman Says She's Living In A "Mexican Twilight Zone"

From: Diana Brooks (e-mail her)

Re: Allan Wall's Column: Calderon's Latest Visit U.S. Visit: More Macho Mexican Meddling

Hello and greetings from an American woman married to a Mexican man.

I have been reading Wall's columns for some time now and I absolutely love them.

As one of Wall's biggest fans, I tell everyone I know to go to the VDARE.COM website because Wall's insights into the National Question will enlighten the average person. 

Things here in Texas happen every day that help to create the fantasy/delusional world that many Mexicans live in.

Spanish language programming creates many of the problems.

The Spanish language channels present the daily news as if we lived in Mexico and not Texas—they talk about the weather, traffic and the current events as if we were heading out ours doors and into Toluca where it might be raining and you might need your umbrella.

Hello! I reside in Texas!

Equally bizarre are the radio stations where one can listen for hours without a mention of Dallas or the Republic of Texas where the broadcast originates.

The same all-Mexico, all the time applies, of course, for the newspapers, local politicians, retail stores and just about anything else you can imagine.

It's as if everyone lives in a Mexican Twilight Zone, if you know what I mean. 

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