Goofy in Greeley
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Colorado's Greeley Tribune had an irritatingly smug editorial yesterday: Immigration: No Longer an issue in the campaign , By Bart Smith, The Tribune June 1 2008. The writer, “Publisher of the Tribune”, averts his eyes from the obvious fact that, like the absurd nomination of faux Republican John McCain, the absence of immigration from the debate now is simply another example of the immense power of the MSM in totalitarian mode. Remember, McCain got large shares of the votes of those who declared themselves angry about the immigration issues —presumably those who still rely on the MSM, not the internet, for “facts”.

But glancing down the procession of crushing refutations already posted by Tribune readers, I came to this gem in “Related Articles”

Give me your tired, your poor… Tribune Opinion May 15 2008

Presumably by the same pen, judging by the scintillating originality (no demerits for clich?©s in Colorado writing classes?).

This is a celebration of the fact that Greeley now has some 300 Somali refugees in the town, attracted by work at a local meat packing plant.

The Somalis…have come to Greeley for the opportunities it offers. Their presence, however, is not just about opportunities for them, it is also an opportunity for all of us. It is an opportunity to grow and expand our world….While the customs that come from half a world away can seem scary, they will — like the customs of the Russian-Germans a century ago — enrich our lives

They sure will —like the Somalis have elsewhere in America. As Brenda Walker recently pointed out,

Somali culture includes social norms of polygamy, wife-beating and female genital mutilation. They are Muslims, and women are covered up in the Islamic style.

Somalis seem very likely to be the most dysfunctional refugees imported since the Hmong.

And why does The Tribune compare them to “Russian-Germans of a century ago”—rather than the Italians, or Poles and others, who entered at the same time?

Probably this code word for Jews is employed because the writer knows the Somalian entry means similar immense changes in national direction, and not in the interests of the native born. confidently anticipates a large increase in support from the Greeley area.

Tell Bart Smith to expect us!


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