A Puerto Rican Reader Is Tired Of Being Mistaken For An Illegal Alien
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From: Yacinia Acevedo (e-mail her)

Re: Allan Wall's Blog: Hillary and Obama Campaigning in Puerto Rico

We, the millions of people of Puerto Rico living in New York, are U.S. citizens.

But we are discriminated against because of America's animosity toward illegal aliens, mostly from Mexico.

I agree that illegal immigration is wrong and must stop.

But it is very sad that Puerto Ricans have to suffer bias on a daily basis just because we are Hispanic and because 99 percent of Americans do not know about Puerto Rico or why and how we became citizens.

I am sick of been treated as an illegal immigrant from Mexico when I am not.

Joe Guzzardi comments: Just a reminder for those who may be confused about Puerto Rico and its status. As Allan Wall wrote, Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory and its native-born are U.S. citizens. Of course. Ms. Acevedo's problem would not exist if successive Administrations had fulfilled their sworn duty to uphold immigration law.

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