A Texas Reader Says Bring Your Crying Towel When You Read the Houston Chronicle
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From: George Weinbaum: (e-mail him)

Last month the Houston Chronicle business section published shameless sob story about the reduced level of remittances from illegal aliens to Mexico. [Less Cash Flows Home, by Jenalia Moreno, Houston Chronicle, August 19, 2007]

Some excerpts:

  • "With home construction slowing, undocumented workers are having a harder time earning what they need for themselves—and what they send to family members."

  • "Construction has slowed ... Illegal immigrants, in particular, are bearing the brunt of the slowdown, losing their jobs painting, laying tile and building roofs for new homes, economists said. ..."

  • The percentage of Mexican migrants sending money home fell to 64 percent in the first half of 2007, down from 71 percent last year. ...

  • Peter Hooper, chief economist of Deutsche Bank [VDARE.COM note: the Deutsche Bank has been critical of what it calls the U.S. immigration "restrictionist movement" and mentioned VDARE.COM by name in one of its reports. Read James Fulford's column here.]... estimates that in the past year, 500,000 undocumented Hispanic workers have lost their jobs in construction.  Still 1.4 million have been able to hold onto their jobs. ... Adam Aschman, a project developer with the Greater Houston Builders Association, [estimates] immigrants make up 70 percent of the area's residential construction work force".

Hearts and flowers.  Think, Mexico is "home" to the Chronicle.  Isn't it the Houston paper?  Predictably, the Chronicle doesn't use the correct term illegal aliens. Instead they are: "migrants" or "undocumented workers". 

How does the Deutsche Bank derive its estimates?  Does it lend money to contractors it knows to hire illegal aliens? 

Imagine the racism of people letting the concerns of "undocumented workers" have priority over U.S. citizens by implying that Americans should be laid off first. 

Employers who are part of the Greater Houston Builders Association [emails]and groups like it should be sued for race discrimination. 

Weinbaum is a CPA living in the Houston area. He writes that he moved from Los Angeles, Alta California.

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