Video Gamers And Wrongthink: Another Target For The Left
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During the closing forum of the VDARE conference, the panelists brought up that a lot of the younger generation is being turned on to race realism by playing video games and messaging with other gamers who are already realists. To many of the older generation, this is a bit of a surprise.

In any case, it reminded me of attending a law enforcement lecture. Our lecturer was telling us about an investigation they had done into a criminal gang in a Rust Belt city (yes, they were black). The cops had a Title III wiretap case going, meaning they were listening in on the gang’s phones and getting text messages. At one point, toward the end of the investigation, all texting stopped. The cops looked at each other: Were the bad guys on to us? Did they make our surveillance? What gives?

In any case, they still had enough evidence, and they wound up busting them anyway. They confiscated all sorts of stolen items, including a Playstation 3 (it could have been 4, I’m not up on these things). Months after the investigation had wrapped up and the perps had been sent off to jail, the police held an auction to sell off all the stolen items that had not been reclaimed.

One of the detectives who had worked on the case picked up the Playstation 3 for his son. His son was delighted with his new game, but when he logged into it, up popped all the previous messages sent by the previous owner/thief. It turned out the reason the gang wasn’t texting each other anymore was that they were sending each other messages from Playstation game to Playstation game. It was completely unmonitored and had escaped the police detectives at the time.

The lesson from the detective giving the lecture was to make sure to include any electronic gaming devices in your warrants so that they could be searched too. The same technique may have been used by terrorists to plan the Bataclan attack in Paris in 2015 [How ISIS Terrorists May Have Used PlayStation 4 To Discuss And Plan Attacks (Updated)], by Paul Tasal, Forbes, November 14, 2015].

I don’t think the local gangbangers were clever enough to copy ISIS. It was more like they stumbled onto this when playing the games with friends.

Increasingly, this will be another front the Left will have to clamp down on to prevent the dangerous spread of free speech. In England, they are daring to sentence 13-year-olds for the crime of Wrongthink:

How far right uses video games and tech to lure and radicalise teenage recruits

After a 13-year-old was sentenced last week, a young victim of radicalisation talks about how white supremacists target children

Mark Townsend, The Guardian, February 14, 2021

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