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Sailer In TakiMag: "What’s Your Type (Of Error)?" Call The Cops And Be Called Racist, Or Don't, And Be Called Dead?

From my new column in Taki’s Magazine: What’s Your Type?by Steve Sailer July 18, 2018 … Ever since the Starbucks bathroom crisis in April, America has been going through a media moral panic in whi...
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"Home Office Had Information on Rotherham Grooming Gangs in 2002 But Failed to Act, Review Finds"

From The Independent (UK): Home Office had information on Rotherham grooming gangs in 2002 but failed to act, review finds ‘How many lives could have been protected if swift action had been taken...
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In South Texas, the Border Is Still Pretty Much Wide Open

Here’s a little news story from CBS, no less, that shows America’s perimeter is as unprotected as ever. Reporter David Begnaud was poking around Roma, Texas, down in the far south to do a story about t...
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A Reader Compares To The 2016 Election To The 2014 Super Bowl--Hillary Threw An Interception, But We Still Have To Turn It Around

From: Fabrizio Evola [Email him] I have heard members of the Dissident Right refer to the 2016 Presidential Election as the “Flight 93 Election.” Essentially, Clinton needed to be defeated or she woul...
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NYT Reveals Family Separation Was Working--Until A Judge Shut It Down

A deported illegal alien has exposed the current illegal immigration scam of bringing children when attempting to immigrate illegally to the United States.  The shocking thing is that the truth slipped...
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The Fulford File: NJ-4 Immigration Patriot Seth Grossman Smeared By CultMarx Enforcers (Even Though He Disses

Recently we started seeing traffic on Allen West, Dave Agema, And AMERICAN RENAISSANCE, that we ran in 2014. Allen B. West, a patriotic black Republican, had been impressed by a powerful American Renai...
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Michelle Malkin: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—Boston University's Fake-O-Nomics Darling

It costs a pretty penny to earn a diploma in stupid. The annual list price to attend Boston University—including tuition, fees, room and board—currently rounds out to $70,000. To acquire a degree in e...
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From The Derbyshire Email Bag: Fighting For Your Country, Fancy Asians, And Catholics On The Court

Just a few. Fighting for your country. In the July 13th Radio Derb I mentioned a recent David Goldman column. As David Goldman points out over at Asia Times, there's not much point spending a ton o...
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Bluntness About Immigration Is Breaking Out All Over: The WASHINGTON POST, The LONDON TIMES...

In April, Senator Tom Cotton [R-Arkansas], on the occasion of receiving the Claremont Institute's Statesmanship Award, spoke at the institute's annual Churchill Dinner.  Cotton's keynote address, "The ...
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NEW YORKER: "The French World Cup Win and the Glories of Immigration"

From The New Yorker: The French World Cup Win and the Glories of Immigration By Adam Gopnik 11:55 A.M. In their victory on Sunday, the multiple, polyglot Les Bleus acted as the living refutation ...