Sailer in TakiMag: Does Rising Racial Diversity Lead To Falling Fertility?
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From my new column in Taki’s Magazine:

Diversity Up, Fertility Down?

Steve Sailer, July 10, 2024

… Of course, diversity could hardly explain all the declines in fertility seen around the world: For example, South Korea remains pretty Asian while its total fertility rate has dropped well below one baby per woman.

But Gurun and Solomon might be onto something when it comes to explaining what’s going on in the United States. They suggest that if people prefer (whether consciously or unconsciously) to marry a member of their own race, the higher the percentage of people of their own race they meet, the more likely they are to find Mr./Miss Right, and the sooner that happy day is to arrive.

For example, say that your chance of marrying the next person of the opposite sex you meet at work or church or a bar or the gym is X percent if that person is of your race, but is only half of X percent if he or she is of a different race. If half the people there are of a different race, then your chance of meeting your future spouse is only 75 percent as high as it would be if everybody there were of your race.

The authors call this tendency to be more likely to marry within your own race “homophily.” Being finance professors, they don’t get on their high horse and denounce it as racist. Academics in business school fields tend to be more tolerant of common human tendencies than are most professors these days. For instance, here’s a marketing professor’s admiring explanation for why the Coca-Cola corporation introduced Coke Zero when it already sells Diet Coke: “Because men believe that anything with ‘Diet’ in its name is gay and that ‘Z’ is the second coolest letter after ‘X.’”

Read the whole thing there.

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