Rudy Giuliani Disbarred By New York State Court—Does New York Have ANY White Judges?
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Rudy Giuliani has been disbarred from practicing law in New York on account of his repeatedly asserting that the 2020 presidential balloting was rigged against Donald Trump.

The disbarring was ordered, it says here in the July 2nd Daily Mail, by the ”Appellate Division Courthouse of New York State located in Manhattan.”

I thought I’d go to Google Images and get a look at these justices who have deprived Rudy of his livelihood. The system’s more complicated than I supposed, though.

Is that court the one in this picture from February at headed ”Historic Sitting—First All African-American Bench”?

That heading only tells the half of it: all five justices in the picture are women.

Or is it this court in a picture from CBS News last October, this one headed ”First ever all-Latino bench takes helm in New York State Appellate Division”?

At least there’s some sexual diversity here: one of the four justices shown is male!

In his article ANOTHER MONTH IN THE DEATH OF VDARE.COM: We Abandon Hope Of Justice At SCOTUS. But We Fight On, editor Peter Brimelow remarked:

GREAT REPLACEMENT NOTE: not once, in’s journey through the New York State judicial system, have we met with a judge who was white gentile, let alone a WASP.

Whether the lawfare here was the work of black communist judges or Latino communist judges they are a disgrace to their robes. I’ve been living on and off in and around New York City for fifty years, which is to say seven mayors. Rudy was the best of the lot. God bless you, Rudy.

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