ABOUT 25 BLACK-ON-WHITE HOMICIDES: June 2024—Another Month In The Death Of White America
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We posted our traditional Death of White America video on Twitter—black-on-white murders—which has already been reposted by at least one guy here:

Here's the Rumble version:

I also posted a 25-tweet thread here with the individual cases:

The information for these was provided by Kenn Gividen.

Some of these murders are the result of a bad choice of boyfriend, husband, or "partner," others are crime connected, but one, the stabbing of three-year-old Julian Wood, who died, and of his white mother, who lived, by a black woman named Bionca Ellis, 32, who seems to be insane, is an obvious case of an anti-white hate crime, and was noted earlier by Kenn Gividen in  The ”Random” Stabbing Murder Of A White Three-Year-Old By A Black Woman.

At the time Gividen wrote

Police say the attack’s motive is still under investigation but emphasized that it appears to be a random act of violence [New details on woman accused of fatally stabbing 3-year-old within seconds outside grocery store, by Katie Hawkinson, independent.co.uk, June 5, 2024].

He added that

Jim Goad questions the randomness at Counter-Currents, mentioning the names of nine other three-year old murder victims, all of them white children killed by blacks [Just Another Random Murder of a Three-Year-Old Child, June 6, 2024].

A lot of these murders are situations that might have been avoided by the victims, but how can a three-year-old do that?

And who, besides us and Jim Goad, will speak for these victims?

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