Are Democrats REALLY Worried About The Election, Or Do They Have Confidence In Their MSM Allies And Vote Counters?
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New York’s Mayor Eric Adams is giving away massive amounts of money to illegal aliens.

That's a little odd because he has complained previously that the “migrants” are bankrupting the city. You would think it would be logical to stop giving handouts, but he is doing the opposite. Supposedly, earlier he had gone to the White House to complain and was told that when Biden gets reelected, he (Adams) will get billions in federal money to bail out New York City. You would think he would be more cautious in case, say, a Republican won the election and didn't bail out his sanctuary city.

There is already widespread fear that illegal aliens will be voting in the upcoming election. Democrats are fighting to keep that door open.

However, there is also the question of being able to trust the voting machines themselves. Sharyl Attkisson interviewed the lawyer Mark DePerno suing Dominion Voting machines back in 2020 in Antrim County, Michigan.

That's the county where they initially announced that Biden had beat Trump in a Republican stronghold. It was only after citizens stood up and demanded a recount that the votes flipped to show that Trump actually beat Biden [BREAKING: Newly-released exclusive forensic analysis of Dominion Voting machines in Michigan (PODCAST & TRANSCRIPT), by Sharyl Attkisson,, December 14, 2020].

DePerno says the analysis shows the software has a 68% error rate, by design, allowing huge numbers of votes to be flagged for “adjudication” in a process that would allow potential fraud.

If you look up the case today, it shows that a judge dismissed the case. The articles do not blame the machines, but operator error.

I believe that was the only case of a jurisdiction auditing Dominion during the entire 2020 election, and Dominion failed it badly.

Dominion Voting Machines went on offense and sued Fox News and just about everyone else who dared question their integrity. Remember, the Democrats always stay on offense by remaining on the attack. And, as VDARE can tell you, all the judges seem to be on their side, truth and justice be damned. Even Hunter Biden is suing Fox News. Stay on offense and sue in a liberal jurisdiction. We are living in a post-justice society.

I also cannot understand why Kamala Harris is supposedly polling lower than Joe Biden. After all, Harris will be continuing the open borders and DEI policies already championed by the Biden regime. If it's Democratic policies you like, that won't be changing with whichever Democrat gets elected. You shouldn't be refusing to vote for someone based merely on an annoying laugh. If that was the case, Tucker Carlson would never be popular.

The same with voting for Trump, but it's a little bit more complicated since Trump is such a clear narcissist. A narcissist will get in front of whichever issue is popular at the time and be the most outspoken about it. When the crowd cheers, the narcissist internalizes it as the crowd cheering for him. It's why Trump appeared to turn his back on immigration enforcement after being elected the first time. He didn't go after DACA; he only started to build the wall after getting major flak from people like Ann Coulter; he betrayed immigration hawk Jeff Sessions. If it weren't for Stephen Miller, his whole immigration restrictionist platform would probably have been done away with.

At this point, it's almost impossible for Biden to remain the nominee. Everyone knows he is not running the show. The policies of the two parties will not change.

I predict that the Democrats will remain on offensive and try to scare people about mass deportations. More “Kids in Cages”–style lies and personal stories of how much suffering the illegal aliens had in their home countries and traveling to the U.S. More stories about how cruel are the Border Patrol and ICE agents who try to deport the poor wittle aliens.

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