Wondering Why U.S. Immigration Policy Is Run By Communists? LISTEN To Diana West And Peter Brimelow!
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Earlier by Peter Brimelow: Trump’s Indictment—Like I Said, This Is A Communist Coup

Perhaps the greatest contribution of the Trump Administration and its aftermath has been to reveal to Americans how completely formerly revered institutions, like the FBI, the Judiciary, and often the police are in fact controlled by the totalitarian Hard Left—essentially, Communists. Not least, as in Britain, they also appear to be controlling immigration policy.

This did not come as a surprise to Diana West, to my mind the best conceptual thinker about as well as one of the best-informed observers of this frightful disaster.

In April 2020—in other words more than six months before the Democrats stole the 2020 election—VDARE carried Social Distancing With Peter Brimelow and Diana West.

Presciently, they discussed in penetrating detail the mechanisms of the Left conquest. In view of the atrocities surfacing subsequently, this podcast, like a fine wine, has become hugely more impactful in the three and a half years since. I strongly commend it to those wondering what on earth is going on.

Fending off a suggestion by Peter Brimelow that with her background and early career she could have been Jennifer Rubin, West says (2:30):

Here’s the difference. I was never a Marxist. I was never even a liberal.  

and goes on the define Neoconservatism as:

…endless war, and open immigration. 

From 2:39 on, West and Brimelow discuss the Cold War amnesia which has seemingly been inculcated into anyone under 50, causing total ignorance about how dangerous this period was—and therefore, of course, systematic underestimation of similar forces. West says-

This is what happens when the education system is essentially a captive…it starts in Kindergarten and just destroys the brain. 

She notes that discussion of communism as an ideology has been essentially anathematized, and that this was very much so whenever the issue of the motivation of the pre-COVID attacks on the Trump Administration was raised. This was discussed her 2019 book The Red Thread: A Search for Ideological Drivers Inside the Anti-Trump Conspiracy

From 5:25 there begins what I see as the most historically fruitful part of the discussion. Peter Brimelow raises the issue of Diana West’s major book American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s CharacterThis is a chilling and meticulously documented account of how Communists and their influence were protected and sheltered within the U.S. Government for a generation after their power was most obvious in the early years of WW2.

The book was a controversialist direct hit, provoking great hostility amongst Neoconservatives, described drily (6:08) by West as

…ex-Communists… who ended up on the Right as a career, I believe…

Vilification was so intense that she and friends eventually published The Rebuttal: Defending 'American Betrayal' from the Book-Burners. Obviously a nerve was struck!

West and Brimelow then go on to discuss how influential Communists were in the Roosevelt years and after, and the fact that there has never been a full reckoning for this. Diana West argues that the New Left and Old Left are basically the same except for birthdates.

At 10:10 the extraordinary story of the Venona Transcripts is opened. Western Union harvested some two million telegrams between Moscow and the Soviet Union’s consulates and embassy in the 1940s. Only some 3,000 of these were painfully decoded in the U.S. counterintelligence operation called the Venona project. In 1995 2,000 were made public, with devastating consequences for several spy controversies—most obviously, conclusively proving the guilt of Leftist martyrs Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs.

In October 1980, right at the end of the Carter Administration, this effort was shut down. This decision was very strange [Judith Coplon—and why the Venona Project was stopped, by John Graham, Occidental Dissent, March 8, 2011]. Simply from the point of view of American historical scholarship, it made no sense.

Now, however, with the transformation of so many U.S. institutions into Hard Left/Communist bastions, understanding how far the rot went in the 1940s is imperative—especially, as both West and Brimelow acknowledge, these beliefs seem to be in large part hereditary (13:07).

Diana West remarks sadly (12:04) she hoped to be the “Declassifier in Chief” when the first Trump Administration began. Putting this in hand must be a high priority in any future Patriot Administration.

From 13:40 on Peter Brimelow recalls the great British statesman Enoch Powell triggering a row by wondering if the catastrophic U.K. immigration policy stemmed from Communist infiltration in the Home Office (aka Department of Homeland Security). Coincidentally, John Derbyshire reported this week that a column in the U.K. Daily Telegraph says the relevant department now is solidly staffed by dedicated opponents of immigration restraint.

Brimelow and West agreed similar developments have occurred in America and West cites examples.

From 17:44 the discussion moves on to the anti-Trump coup attempted by Intelligence Agency officials after the 2016 election. Diana West points out that former CIA Director John Brennan and former FBI Director James Comey both had extreme Left academic footprints (Brennan actually told his CIA interviewer that he voted for the Communist candidate Gus Hall in 1976 [19:10]!).

She is particularly scathing about James Comey (19:55)

…he’s very much an Ends Justify The Means Social Justice Warrior

…whom she says was a declared Communist in his college years. She suggests that, besides visceral hatred of Donald Trump as antithetical to these officials’ objectives, fear of retrospective investigation of their earlier activities was a factor.

The eerie coordination of the Left MSM also gets attention.

Now that we have witnessed the lawless radicalism of the Biden Administration and the Stalinist behavior of the DOJ  and the Courts, this video is actually much more relevant than in 2020.

I looked for this interview again when distilling two Diana West articles earlier this year:

Diana West: Appeals Court Rescued 1968 Democratic Convention Rioters On Grounds Applicable To Jan. 6 Victims. What Chance Equal Justice?


Diana West: Commissar Chutkan Channeling Her (Never Disavowed) Communist Family Tradition

—both of which are devastating.

It had vanished. It was a victim of the YouTube purge of VDARE shortly after being posted, as discussed by Lydia Brimelow in YouTube Election Meddlers Suddenly Ban VDARE.com’s Channel—Everyone Must Move to Bitchute!. (Subsequently VDARE has also become fond of Rumble.)

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