Indian-Born Jan 6 DC Judge Abuses Terror Statutes To Help Build Communist Police State.
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A new villain has to be added to the list of crazed D.C. Judges intent on converting America to a Left Police State.

This is Indian-born Obama-appointed U.S District Court Judge Amit Mehta

Julie Kelly states the case with her usual precision in Florida Grandmas, Obstructionists, and Fence Shakers: America’s New Terrorists [Declassified with Julie Kelly, September 1, 2023].

Mehta distinguished himself by his exceptional brutality this week. Kelly notes

Connie Meggs … traveled to the nation’s capital with her husband, Kelly, a member of the Oath Keepers who is currently serving 12 years in prison for his role in January 6. (Mehta imposed that sentence in May.) She spent less than 20 minutes inside the Capitol, brought no weapon, and assaulted no one…

Despite Meggs losing everything after January 6—including both her parents—and spending 45 days in a Florida jail denied release after her February 2021 arrest followed by 2 1/2 years on home detention wearing an ankle monitor, Judge Mehta was not finished inflicting pain on the grandmother of three…

Not only did Mehta order Meggs to serve 15 months in prison, but he also agreed to DOJ’s request to add a “terror” enhancement to her sentence … Connie Meggs, a churchgoing, patriotic grandmother, is now branded a domestic terrorist.

In the sentencing of Meggs’s husband, Mehta pioneered the perversion of the Terrorism statues:

This is the first time a court has found that a defendant’s conduct related to the January 6 attack was tantamount to terrorism warranting an upward departure under the sentencing guidelines.

This opened the way for U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly to ramp up the Proud Boys sentences last week as I noted in Tale Of Two Inaugurations: D.C. Judges Rescued Anti-Trump Inauguration Day Rioters In 2017 But Go Berserk On Jan 6 Protesters.

Julie Kelly quotes one of the defense lawyers last week:

“[That’s] never how the terrorism enhancement has been applied. [What] you see are threatened use of nuclear weapons, biological weapons, destruction at airports, the kinds of events … that mark acts of terrorism.

the Government is … taking an instance of petit property destruction and they’re saying that this can be a federal crime of terrorism. If that’s true, then any act of protest in the country … becomes a crime of terrorism. 

Notwithstanding frequently engaging personalities and a valuable (IMO) addition to the national cuisine, Indian immigrants are basically bad news for Historic Americans.  Coming from a culture of intense ethnic, religious and caste competition, they bring this group hostility with them, as I noted in U.S. Imports Indian Caste Wars—And Deadly Competition. They are naturally inclined to join the anti-White Coalition of the Fringes, where they are extremely useful as Blacks with Brains. It is not surprising to learn Commissar Chutkan: Another Half Indian Like Kamala Harris. But More Aristocratic.

Judge Mehta is secretive, but being an Obama appointee guarantees he is a reliable Leftist.

Furthermore, there is no sign he is married with children. Very likely he is homosexual, practically a guarantee of frenzied Leftism.

It must always be remembered that all J6 “insurrectionists” left their guns behind. And that to anyone other than bigoted Democrats the 2022 election stank: Yes, Virginia (Dare): The 2020 Election WAS Fraudulent—And GA GOP Leadership (Among Others) Are Complicit. Also that in 92.16% Biden-voting  and 41.4%% Black DC  no Republican has a chance of a fair trial.

To paraphrase Julie Kelly’s pungent conclusion:

Where is GOP?


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