VDARE.com’s Peter Brimelow On Impeachment: Democrats Huff And Puff—YAWN! Wake Up When Senate Trial Begins. Then Lock And Load.
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I never read any sports journalism, not because I disapprove of sports (I actually think it’s a remarkable American form of civic drama fully comparable to the classical Greek city states’ public religious rituals) but because not reading it SAVES TIME. Similarly, I now urge all immigration patriots: STOP READING IMPEACHMENT COVERAGE. It’s pointless. A Democrat-controlled House was always going to impeach President Trump, regardless of the facts. The only question: will the Republican-controlled Senate convict? I personally think there may be enough Romney-type rotters to do it, although observers whom I respect disagree.

But Trump, unlike Nixon but like Bill Clinton, is unembarrassable and will probably run for renomination even if convicted— which means that the GOP Establishment can’t get off the hook, damn them. And the good news: VDARE.com’s long-standing interest in impeachment and in the charge of Treason (now regularly thrown around by both Trump and his crazed opponents) have finally entered Main Stream discourse. Next step: impeaching rogue judges—and establishing the point that immigration enthusiasts, because of their implicit but implacable hatred of the Historic American Nation, are traitors.

I now regret that I allowed some 131 references to the farcical Mueller investigation onto VDARE.com, partly because, influenced by my old friend Paul Craig Roberts, I assumed that U.S. prosecutors could find something on anyone (as indeed the Mueller mobsters claimed to have done, albeit completely unrelated, against for example Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn) and we had to be prepared for it. But the Mueller investigation collapsed ignominiously, as brutally documented by Righteous Leftist Matt Taibbi:  The Myth Of Robert Mueller, Exploded, Rolling Stone, July 25, 2019.

Nevertheless, incredibly, the Democrats have gone on to an impeachment investigation against Trump anyway, albeit on an entirely unrelated charge. The reason for this, as I predicted at the 2017 American Renaissance conference: because they can. Impeachment, in the end, is like a vote of No Confidence in a Parliamentary system. The Democrats have the majority in the House. So they will impeach. In fact, they were discussing impeachment before Trump was even nominated.[Donald Trump Impeachment: How Quickly Could It Happen?, by Darren Samuelsohn, POLITICO Magazine, April 17, 2016]

It’s not a question of whether some “crime” has been committed. Bill Clinton clearly perjured himself (which is why his Arkansas law license was quietly suspended). But Senate Democrats did not vote to convict him— because impeachment is a political determination.

Right now, the Democrats and their Main Stream Media auxiliaries, like the Big Bad Wolf, are huffing and puffing in attempt to blow America’s house down—to break the nerve of the Congressional GOP and even the White House, as they did during Watergate.

But we went through all of this nonsense about BOMBSHELLS! And WALLS CLOSING IN! during the Mueller hysteria. And it all came to nothing. There’s simply no point in following it.

The underlying issue: America is polarizing, ultimately because of massive non-traditional immigration, into two separate nations: America and Anti-America. The Democrat and Republican bases simply have nothing in common. The Democrats’ temper tantrum after the 2016 election makes it clear they simply will not accept being outvoted by the Historic American Nation. Whether the Historic American Nation can be intimidated into accepting this remains to be seem.

But in any case, go to sleep until the Senate trial begins.

Then, as Pat Buchanan once said with his usual prescience, lock and load.

Peter Brimelow [Email him] is the editor of VDARE.com. His best-selling book, Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster, is now available in Kindle format.

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