Housebroken Matt Taibbi Bashes Buchanan On Immigration - Despite Agreeing With Him?
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Pat Buchanan’s fine and eminently reasonable essay Immigration Time-Out Needed To Save GOP—And America hit a nerve amongst the MSM managers – apparently poor Matt Taibbi was humiliatingly ordered to do a hit piece on it.

Taibbi is a very powerful writer who can also think his way through complex and esoteric matters, as I noted in Did Obamacrats Block Corruption Prosecution Of Top Hispanic Pol? Anyone familiar with his work will immediately see that Pat Buchanan: GOP Imperiled by Decline of White Population Rolling Stone July 27, 2012 is uncharacteristically weak.

In fact, there is no argument in the article at all. Taibbi simply reproduces some Buchanan quotations and screams colorful abuse:

Pat Buchanan is a little crazy…his last book, which hilariously had a chapter entitled, "The End of White America."…contained lines like, "Whites may discover what it is like to ride in the back of the bus," and "Every New York cabby must know the odds, should he pick up a man of color at night."

While Taibbi probably knows he does not have to do much to satisfy his readers – the comment thread is filled with the usual venomous and hate-filled leftist jeering, far worse than one ever sees on a Right wing site – there is likely a more significant reason for this perfunctory effort.

Taibbi probably thinks Buchanan is right.

As I noted in Matt Taibbi Dissents On Immigration: Gets Repressed in February 2011 he replied to a reader declaring

My town also has a soaring crime rate and awful public services, which apparently wasn't the case not long ago. There's just no way for me to separate out these facts when I sit down to think about immigration... intellectually I think bilingual education is a mistake...I think having one language unifies a country and a culture... To me, learning the local language was a way of expressing respect for and love of the culture of my host country...why wouldn't you want to learn English, and why wouldn't you want your kids to learn?

…I mean, there's a lot going on that's just indefensible and crazy. I think I've said this before, but I know doctors here in New York who see an endless stream of 15- and 16 year-old girls flying in from places like the Dominican Republic specifically to get on Medicare and have their babies here. I'm pretty sure it's okay to not be happy about that as a taxpayer.

A few days later he announced the intention not to discuss immigration again.

Without that undertaking, notwithstanding his brilliance, he would have met the same fate as Lou Dobbs, Pat Buchanan – or Peter Brimelow.

As I have said: Who won the Cold War? They did. Right down to forcing “reeducated” heretics to lead the vilification of braver men.

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