"It Will Come To Blood"...And Impeachment Of Judicial Saboteurs Like J. Robart
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Twenty-two years ago, in my 1995 book Alien Nation: Common Sense About America's Immigration Disaster, I concluded (p. 267-8):
I think..that immigration restriction is inevitable in America. It will be resisted hysterically. It will be sabotaged in every possible way. It will probably require repeated legislation....

But I also suspect that the immigration cutoff will be too late. Diversity, the buzz-word of the 1990s, will prove divisive—the now forgotten buzzword of the 1970s. The contradictions of a society as deeply divided as the United States must now inexorably become, as a result of the post-1964 influx, will lead to conflict, repression and, perhaps, ultimately to a threat thought extinct in America for more that a hundred years: secession.

Deep into the twenty-first century, well into the lifetime of my little son, American patriots will be fighting to salvage as much as possible from the shipwreck of their great Republic....

And the politicians and pundits who allowed this to happen truly deserve, and will certainly receive...the curses of those who come after.

(Contemporary links added).

Every informed immigration patriot knew that the Left would find some crazy federal judge to block any initiative by President Trump, and Washington State's Judge James L. Robart has now modestly stepped into the limelight: State Dept. reverses visa revocations, allows banned travelers to enter U.S., by Robert Barnes, Matt Zapotosky and Anne Gearan, Washington Post, February 4, 2017.

(Unusually, Robart is being widely described as a "Bush appointee" by the MSM—obviously afraid, and for good reason, for the myth of judicial impartiality. But Washington State's crazy liberal U.S. Senators would have had the traditional veto power over judicial appointments in their state, so Robart obviously met their approval. And he's done some weird things—see here and here. Anyone know if he's married?)

Equally, every informed immigration patriot knows that the Trump Administration will appeal. VDARE.com's judge-watcher John Reid tells me that the Administration may even prevail at the notoriously Leftist Ninth Circuit and will certainly prevail at the U.S. Supreme Court.

But this will take time, which America does not have. My prediction (with which John Reid does not agree, yet): just as the physical confrontation between American patriots and the totalitarian Left will come to blood, so the institutional conflict between legislating Leftist judges and an elected patriot president will come to elections a.k.a. impeachment.


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