Tucker Carlson In 2024…Or Is He Already Here?
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Above, Tucker Carlson asks "How precisely is diversity our strength?," in 2018, causing heads to explode in the MSM.

Tucker Carlson In 2024…Or Is He Already Here?

Americans just heard President Trump deliver a stirring oration beneath the statues at Mount Rushmore, BLM’s latest cancel target egged on by the Main Stream Media [Remarks by President Trump at South Dakota’s 2020 Mount Rushmore Fireworks Celebration | Keystone, South Dakota, WhiteHouse.gov, July 4, 2020]. Trump not only praised the white men on the mountain but also delivered a searing indictment of the BLM-Antifa Marxists. Was this “wheel and fight” inspired by Fox’s Tucker Carlson?

Carlson is the one man with a national audience and the power to mobilize it who has challenged the Stupid Party for capitulating to Black Lives Matter and its false narrative that the United States of America is irredeemably evil. Last week, the most-watched cable host in history deep-sixed two idiotic legislative proposals from the Cuckservative GOP Senate: to replace Columbus Day with Juneteenth, and to “reform” Qualified Immunity for police involved in shootings. Carlson actually bulldozed the sponsoring GOP senators into dropping them. The amazing victories have pro-Trump forces in the GOP wondering: Is Carlson the man to pick up The Donald’s standard in 2024?

On Monday, June 29, Carlson unloaded on Indiana Sen. Mike Braun over his police reform bill that would end Qualified Immunity, which protects law enforcement, firefighters, and other public servants from frivolous lawsuits. Braun’s bill would open every officer in America to far-Left lawfare.

Braun appeared on Carlson’s program because he had criticized the bill the previous week. Braun claimed to represent “Main Street,” yet his only defense for backshooting the cops was that Republicans “need to be in the discussion” of “systemic racism.”

Carlson’s aim was true. He said Braun didn’t represent Main Street, then skewered the senator’s claim that police support the bill, and finally mocked him for caving to the radical left.

“So you’re taking your cues from Chuck Schumer?” Carlson fumed. “You’re saying Chuck Schumer might criticize me; therefore, I have to pass a law that makes it easier to sue police?"

Carlson finished Braun with a brutal blast: “You think you're going to keep the Senate in the fall with this platform?... I don’t think the public supports you at all on this.”

The video went viral, and Braun backed away from the bill shortly after. “Democrats have blocked any attempt for police reform, and I’m not going to push this bill further without input from law enforcement,” he said [Sen. Braun Halts Qualified Immunity Bill Amid Fox News Interview, Police Union Backlash, by Payton Knobeloch, WYFI, July 2, 2020].

But Carlson was just warming up.

In late June, a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers had introduced the “Juneteenth National Independence Day Act” to make June 19 a federal holiday. Juneteenth celebrates the day in 1865 when Union army General Gordon Granger announced all slaves in Texas were free. The proposed federal holiday would be intended to celebrate the final end of slavery, but like Martin Luther King Day it would inevitably end up as a day dedicated to hating whitey and America.

Sixteen Senate Republicans and six House Republicans cosponsored the legislation claiming it would celebrate American “ideals.” But in fact the holiday would further tear our nation asunder, just as Sam Francis predicted with the deification of Martin Luther King [The Real Meaning of Juneteenth, by Robert Hampton, Counter-Currents, June 22, 2020].

Of course, not a single Republican elected official would say that. Supporting the bill: heavyweights such as Texas Sen. John Cornyn, Florida’s Marco Rubio, Missouri’s alleged nationalist Josh Hawley, and, of course, South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott—the GOP’s one black Senator. This is yet another example of Scott’s malign influence in top GOP circles. His mitts are on any bill that forces the GOP to cuck on racial issues. He’s not worth it.

Even worse, the only pushback came from Republicans with an even worse idea: Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson and Oklahoma’s James Lankford drafted an amendment to drop Columbus Day for Juneteenth [GOP senators debate replacing Columbus Day with Juneteenth as a federal holiday, by Alexander Bolton and Saagar Enjeti, The Hill, July 1, 2020].

Of course, they were smart enough not to parrot the leftist narrative that Columbus was a genocidal racist and mass murderer of peace-loving “Native Americans.” Rather, they argued, adding a federal holiday is a budget-buster.

That’s right. Adding a federal holiday was “too expensive” for a nation $26.5 trillion in debt. Hooray for fiscal conservatives for erasing American heritage!

Republicans very gently opposed the amendment. According to The Hill, above, Cornyn said it “dilutes the message we’re trying to send, which is one of being respectful and honoring and remembering our history.” But Johnson and Lankford were undaunted, knowing The Evil Party would approve.

Then Carlson opened fire. On Wednesday, he ripped into the two senators for caving to BLM and turning on their conservative constituents. “They want to delete it from the national calendar,” Carlson steamed. “They’re hoping to quietly eliminate Columbus Day and then move on to the next item on the rioters’ list of demands.”

He even dissed Juneteenth, observing that it was largely unnoticed until the past two years and is being imposed upon us by anti-American leftists.

Carlson urged his fans to call Johnson and Lankford. It worked. On Friday, Johnson hoisted the white flag and announced he would pull the amendment. Of course, he claimed, he “was in no way deprecating Christopher Columbus’ achievements or expressing any value judgment regarding his place in history” [Ron Johnson reverses course on proposal to swap Columbus Day for Juneteenth holiday, by Chris Hubbuch, Wisconsin State Journal, July 3, 2020].

Three Republican senators, two bills, and one reason they ran for cover: Tucker Carlson.

Carlson’s power is no surprise. He had the highest ratings for a cable news show ever recorded for the second quarter of 2020. His average total audience was 4.331 million per episode during the second quarter and his show earned the most viewers among the coveted 25-54 demographic than any other cable program [Tucker Carlson Has Highest-Rated Program In Cable News History, by Mark Joyella, Forbes, June 30, 2020].

But several “Woke” corporations pulled ads from Carlson’s show over his criticism of Black Lives Matter. Hopefully, the MSM and corporate Cultural Marxists can’t shut Carlson down when Middle America is on his side.

Significantly, Carlson’s record is apparently convincing Republicans he might well be the GOP frontrunner in four years. “Let me put it this way: If Biden wins and Tucker decided to run, he’d be the nominee,” former Trump aide Sam Nunberg told Politico. Some GOP strategists admitted to Politico that Carlson is the voice of the party’s base: “If you are a Republican politician and you want to know where Republican voters are, all you have to do is watch Tucker Carlson every night,” one GOP insider says [Tucker Carlson 2024? The GOP is buzzing, Politico, by Alex Thompson, July 2, 2020].

One person listening hard to Carlson is the president. And seemingly more so than he listens to Jared Kushner.

People scoffed at Trump running for president. Now he occupies the White House.

Who’s to say another TV star with no experience in public office can’t do the same?

Washington Watcher II [Email him] is an anonymous DC insider.

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