Senator Tim Scott—"Magic Negro" Mania Gives SC Two RINO Senators?
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Tim Scott : Savior of the American Nation?

The Anti-White fashion sweeps on: South Carolina governor names Rep. Scott to succeed DeMint in Senate December 17, 2012

In the first instance, of course, naming this profoundly under qualified one-term  Black Congressman to be Senator is an exploitation of yearning for the “Magical Negro” phenomenon – the product of the endless Hollywood/MSM evocation of brilliant Black Heroes/Geniuses/Mentors who simply do not exist in real life.

The GOP Establishment - and some of the electorate - appears very susceptible to this ridiculous infatuation – as seen the Michael Steele fiasco, the Colin Powell humiliation and the Herman Cain crush. Also, in of course, the protracted campaign to exclude white men from the RNC Chairmanship – until needed to cover up.

Scott of course is ludicrously unqualified to match the Columbia/ Harvard Law Obama –

Scott attended Presbyterian College from 1983 to 1984, and graduated from Charleston Southern University in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science.

This is the Stupid Party in action.

Unfortunately Negromania not actually the real explanation. Governor Nikki Hailey is a non-white Neocon Protégé. So was Tim Scott: according to Wikipedia (until they change it)

Scott was endorsed by the anti-tax National Club for Growth and Republican House Whip Eric Cantor

The Club For Growth is a Die-Hard NeoCon Front. Cantor is simply bad news. Naturally, this abrasive rejection of the Affirmative Action issue will simply drive away white voters more

The sad reality is that the South Carolina GOP apparatus has been taken over - or bought. How else to explain Lindsay Graham (RINO-MSM)?

In fact, the combination  of two Senatorial races in 2014 will probably effectively protect Graham.

And alas, unless Jim DeMint does something serious with the Heritage Foundation, in my opinion his reputation will have been destroyed. Without his abrupt retirement, this issue would not have occurred. Every man, it seems, has his price.

What Patriots have to recognize is that the preventing White Leadership emerging has been central to the objectives of their enemies, for a long time. Scott is just another step.

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