Amnesty: Rubio IS Naive! Proven By Backstabbing Schumer
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Senator Schumer: "You should have read the fine print, Marco!"

Immediate vindication has appeared for Senator David Vitter’s comment that Marco Rubio was “amazingly naïve” about his Amnesty project.

In yet another brilliant piece of immigration journalism, Neil Munro has reported

New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer on Monday applauded Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio for helping craft a blueprint for a bipartisan rewrite of immigration law.

But on Thursday, Schumer dropped a political anvil on him by gutting his part of the overhaul…

Schumer redefines immigration deal, cuts out Rubio’s insistence on border security The Daily Caller 02/01/2013

What Schumer did was to reject Rubio’s contention that the adequacy determination of the standard of border security would not be in the hands of the Administration. Schumer:

“What we’ve proposed is that the [federal Department of Homeland Security] secretary —- whomever it is —- will have final say” on when enforcement is deemed sufficient to begin awarding citizenship to illegal immigrants, he said.

Furthermore he denied that there would be any real border security contingency:

“We are not using border security as an excuse or block to path of citizenship,” he said in the press conference… we are not going to use it as a battering ram to prevent the 11 million from gaining a path to citizenship.”

Now they don’t come any more slippery or devious than Senator Chuck Schumer (Numbers USA career ranking F) as anyone aware of his amazing duplicity in the Madoff scandal well knows. But in this situation Rubio looks to be at fault. Munro carefully lays out:

Rubio signed on to the deal — and joined Schumer at a Jan. 28 press conference —- before the trigger plan was detailed by Schumer’s staffers.

During a Jan. 28 appearance on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, Rubio said the trigger was not fully developed…

The next day, Jan. 29, Rubio toughened his language during an appearance on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show.

As Senator Vitter said, the word is naïve.

We worry for Neil Munro who has done wonderful work (I particularly valued the research on which my Obama Campaign Celebrates Elderly Immigrants Plundering U.S. Taxpayer blog was based). Showing up the GOP Establishment’s designated Hispanderer as a fool is not likely to be healthy.

Maybe he will get Derbyshired and wind up working for! He would be very welcome.

(This important development has not of course appeared on Drudgepredictably.)

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