Trump Waking Up, Making Positive Change To Campaigns—Is Kushner Finally Losing Power?
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Previously: Trump Is Losing The White Vote With Jared Kushner’s Agenda

Donald Trump is finally shaking up his campaign and potentially sidelining Jared Kushner.

Axios reported the campaign “reassigned” its chief operating officer Michael Glassner and put Jeff DeWit, a long-time Trump loyalist, in that position. This move came in response to Trump’s June rally in Tulsa, which disappointed some, although, as Allan Wall reported here, Actually, Trump’s Tulsa Speech Was A Success. I Know, I Was There.

According to Axios’s sources and my own, Glassner isn’t really the problem for the campaign—he’s just the fall guy [Kushner changes top Trump campaign staff, by Jonathan Swan, Axios, June 30, 2020].

The real problem is Jared Kushner. According to Axios, Kushner was the one who made these changes at the campaign.

The good news is that Trump is reportedly getting tired of Kushner’s advice. Axios also reports that Trump has criticized his son-in-law’s push for criminal justice reform and feels it was a failure. The president’s conclusion: “No more of Jared's woke s***.” Axios’ sources insisted that Trump is not sidelining Kushner, but it seems more apparent that Trump is ignoring his advice [Trump regrets Kushner advice on prison reform, by Jonathan Swan, Axios, July 1, 2020].

As has reported, Trump extended and expanded his immigration moratorium against the wishes of Kushner. Trump is also taking a harder line against the current unrest and resisting attempts at police reform against Kushner’s advice.

The report says that Trump wishes to return to his instincts and appeal to the “silent majority” in 2020. Axios also states the president is listening more to Tucker Carlson and is noticing his record-breaking ratings.

These reports are positive signs that Trump is getting back on track. As I reported last week, he’s losing his white base with Kushner’s agenda. Only his old nationalist message can win them back.

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