The Fulford File: The Somali Catastrophe, Donald Trump, And The Lying Press
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Recently, a Somali in London went crazy, stabbing five people, one of whom, an American woman, died. The police, as often happens, were quick to say that this wasn’t jihad, or terror, or a “hate crime,” but just some form of mental illness. They were lying, of course—he was provably motivated by Islam— but this was an unusually credible lie.  It doesn’t take an international conspiracy or a Finsbury Parkpreacher of hate” to make a Somali stab five people—that’s just what Somalis do. They’re always stabbing people, mostly each other. That’s one of the many reasons Somali immigration is a bad idea.

Speaking in Maine, which has suffered horribly from Somali refugee resettlement, Donald Trump pointed this out:

“They’re all talking about it. Maine. Somali refugees. We admit hundreds of thousands in Maine and into other places in the United States,” he said. “Hundreds of thousands of refugees and they’re coming from among the most dangerous territories and countries of anywhere in the world. A practice which has to be, it has to stop. It has to stop.”

Trump Says US Must Close Its Doors to Somali Refugees

By Salem Solomon, Voice of America, August 5, 2016

The Main Stream Media, as always happens, went crazy on him—posted not only condemnations of Trump—par for the course—but defenses of Somali immigration. A brief list:

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS/NY Daily News, August 5, 2016

Maine sees a Somalian community starkly different than what Donald Trump portrayed, By Brian MacQuarrie and Vivian Wang, Boston Globe, August 6, 2016

By Jenna Johnson, Washington Post, August 5, 2016

(Note the SHOCK HORROR headline—in fact, of course, Trump has been consistently critical of legal immigration, for security and other reasons, throughout his campaign. That’s why Senator Jeff Sessions endorsed him).

All of these stories are shocked and HORRIFIED that Donald Trump should criticize the Somalis of Maine, who are wonderful people. The Portland Press-Herald says

Mr. Trump can relax. We know who they are. They are our neighbors and our friends. Some of them work in our schools and hospitals. Some are students. Some own businesses. They pay taxes, which are used for, among other things, maintaining the stage from which he spoke.

Our View: When Trump slurs Somalis, he insults Portland| A presidential campaign that thrives on dividing people came to a city that strives to be united.

By The Editorial Board, Portland Press-Herald, August 5, 2016

Cuckservatives, needless to say, dithered. NRO’s Corner has an item, which, while reflexively insisting that “Trump, of course, is needlessly divisive in how he discusses Somali immigration” admits that “that doesn’t mean he’s not, for the most part correct”. NRO writer Jeremy Carl goes on to say that “There’s a difficult balance at play in discussing this issue, that someone with Trump’s bluster is ill-equipped to handle”[ Trump Takes on Somali Immigration, NRO Corner, August 11, 2016].

Really? So was NRO discussing Somali immigration in a balanced way before Trump brought it up?

Sort of—the very few mentions of Somali immigration on NRO include blog postings by Center For Immigration Studies head and long-time National Review immigration beard Mark Krikorian, who disapproves, and a big article by NeverTrump fanatic Kevin D. Williamson who approves of Somali immigration to his native Texas: For Immigrants, the Melting Pot Isn’t Comfortable, but It Works, by Kevin D. Williamson June 15, 2016.

The truth: Somali immigration has been a horror story for years—the late Sam Francis wrote a column about the refugee crisis in Lewiston, Maine back in 2002, and has many articles on how primitive Somalis are, based on testimony from the people who were bringing them in.

This is especially true of the interesting subgroup known as the Somali Bantu:

They will come in need of more help than most refugees. Few speak English. Many cannot read or write even in their native language. Only in the last few months have most seen telephones, flush toilets and clocks, in classes on American culture at the Kakuma Refugee Camp, on the sweltering plain of northwest Kenya. Some saw a bathtub for the first time and asked whether it was some sort of boat, said Sasha Chanoff, who coordinates the classes for the International Organization for Migration.

"They really don't have any exposure to modern development," he said.

The Bantus are descended from natives of Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania who were enslaved and taken to Somalia in the 1800s. [ note: by other Africans—no white people were involved in the Indian Ocean slave trade.] They eventually won freedom but remained frequent victims of discrimination. [Again, by other Africans.] They performed menial jobs and lacked political power and access to education. The Bantus also lacked clan affiliation, which made them easy prey for all sides in Somalia's civil war.

New world awaits Bantus seeking refuge in Atlanta, By Mark Bixter, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, February 23, 2003

See also After three years: Somali Bantus prepare to come to America, Report from US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, by Sasha Chanoff, International Organization for Migration, November 22 2002

And if the poor, primitive Somali Bantu were planning to come to America to escape Somali violence, there’s an unfortunate surprise for them. Those people who enslaved and discriminated against them? We brought them, too!

The MSM has chosen to give sob story treatment to one case—possibly the only one—of a Somali who’s in the Army Reserve, and resents Trump:

Mahamoud Ibrahim stewed about Donald Trump as he packed for a three-week U.S. Army Reserve training. In a Thursday speech, the Republican presidential candidate suggested that Somali refugees have turned Minnesota into a hotbed for terror recruitment and frayed its social safety net.

Trump’s swipe dominated discussion after Friday prayer at Ibrahim’s mosque in Burnsville.

“I never thought he’d go there and blatantly call Somali Americans a danger,” said Ibrahim, an Inver Hills Community College student who enlisted in 2014. “It hurts listening to that.”

[Donald Trump's comments about Minnesota Somalis met with outrage, By Mila Koumpilova, Star Tribune, August 7, 2016]

Mahamoud Ibrahim, pictured below in the grey robe, outside a Burnsville, MN, Mosque, was about to   leave for three weeks for Army training at Army Reserve summer camp, where he will presumably be taught riflery and explosives. I don’t think that’s really a good idea, even if he’s an American citizen.


Now, I have great respect for the Army Reserve and National Guard, but a Somali community college student in the Reserve is not enough of an asset to America, even if he makes sergeant, to make up for:

  • Somali terrorists
  • Somali non-terrorist criminals
  • Somalis on welfare
  • Somalis not on welfare, working at unskilled labor jobs that make them net tax consumers

And even if he were to make good in the Reserve, he’s displacing an American community college student (white or black) who could use the $4,296.60 in Drill Pay that a Specialist E-4 gets paid annually for training on weekends and at summer camp.

adiosslantLet’s get another view of Somali immigration, this one from Ann Coulter’s terrific book Adios, America, which Trump has read and praised (Ann’s book has footnotes, I’ve added citations and links instead):

About a decade ago, thousands of Somalis moved to the small working-class town of Lewiston, Maine. Within the first year of their arrival, the town’s welfare caseload doubled. Before the town was bankrupted, Mayor Laurier T. Raymond Jr. wrote a letter to Somali elders asking them to discourage their fellow countrymen from continuing to move to Lewiston. He respectfully explained: “We have been overwhelmed and have responded valiantly. Now we need breathing room. Our city is maxed-out financially, physically and emotionally.”

In response, the Somali elders accused him of racism. Calling the mayor an “ill-informed leader who is bent towards bigotry,” they said he was trying to incite “violence against our people physically, verbally and emotionally.” The governor and attorney general were forced to defend the mayor from charges of racism. But the Somalis pushed on, demanding that everyone acknowledge how peachy they are. “We hope that others appreciate,” they said, “the potential richness and opportunity newcomers bring to the city.”[ Mixed Welcome as Somalis Settle in a Maine City, By Pam Belluck, NYT, October 15, 2002 ]

At least Lewiston has shed its boring whiteness! Today, Somali boys roam the streets physically assaulting the locals. Within a few days in the summer of 2009, three separate residents were mugged, including one woman in her sixties and one man who had to be hospitalized. Another time, a gang of Somali boys attacked a woman walking her dog, beating the dog with a stick. Muggings by Somalis are so common that some Lewiston residents have been victimized more than once. [Police investigate Somali attacks By Mark LaFlamme, Maine Sun-Journal,  December 17, 2009]

Even Somalia doesn’t want Somalis. Convicted rapist Mohammed Mukhtar avoided probation by agreeing to be deported after completing his sentence. Somalia, however, is unlikely to take Mukhtar back. We want him to go, he claims he wants to go, but Somalia can say, We’re leaving the rapist with you. Our immigration laws are working fantastically well for every country in the world except our own.

Now, that’s the reality.

mukhtarYou remember how the Portland News-Herald said it knew who its Somali neighbors were? It does, but it doesn’t like to say. Its report on that convicted rapist Mohammed Mukhtar (right) the native of Somalia who raped a woman in Portland after breaking in her house, was headed:

Portland Teen Admits Break-In, Rape

Under a plea deal, he faces prison and may then be deported.

By Scott Dolan, Portland Press Herald, April 18, 2013

That’s why we call it the “Lying Press.”

James Fulford [Email him] is a writer and editor for

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