Tell Mark Krikorian To Write An Immigration Moratorium Cover Story In National Review!
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I've been looking at the Economic Report of the President (you can download it here). The Wall Street Journal summarized it: Economic Report Sings Blues on Jobs (By Jonathan Weisman and Greg Hitt, Febrary 12, 2010.) But, in keeping with the pattern noted by Steve Sailer, it contains just one (1) fleeting reference to immigration:

Another set of institutions in need of attention is our immigration system. The current framework absorbs considerable resources but does not serve anyone—native workers, employers, taxpayers, or potential immigrant—well. Particular problems are posed by the presence of large numbers of unauthorized immigrants [VDARE.COM TRANSLATION = ILLEGAL ALIENS] and the lengthy queues—some over 20 years—for legal residency.
Reform of the immigration system can strengthen our economy and labor market. Reform should provide a path for those who are currently here illegally to come out of the shadows [= AMNESTY]. It should include strengthened border controls and better enforcement of laws against employing undocumented workers [= ILLEGAL ALIENS], along with programs to help immigrants and their children quickly integrate into their communities and American society [= MORE MONEY FOR IMMIGRANT PRESSURE GROUPS]. Future immigration policy should be more responsive to our economy's changing needs [= MORE CHEAP LABOR FOR HIGH TECH DONORS]. Reform of the employment-based visa and permanent residency programs will also help reduce the incentives to immigrate illegally by giving potential immigrants a more viable legal path into the United States [= INCREASE LEGAL IMMIGRATION].

In other words, despite record unemployment, the Administration still proposes an amnesty and increased legal immigration—exactly the 2006-2007 Bush-Kennedy-McCain (and now Gutierrez) formula.

The idea of an immigration moratorium until American employment recovers is not rejected—it is not even considered.

It seems to me that this utter inability to get an obvious policy remedy into public debate at a perfect moment is the greatest failure of the patriotic immigration reform movement's DC leadership since the sabotage of the Smith-Simpson bill in 1995.

What are they doing down there inside the Beltway?

My suggestion: Center for Immigration Studies' Mark Krikorian should use his position as National Review's immigration beard to write a cover story calling on the GOP to propose an immigration moratorium.

NR cover stories used to have impact. And what's the point of NR turning itself into a GOP bulletin board if it can't send out bulletins?

Suggest it to Mark Krikorian.

Tell him he needn't credit me. It won't help.

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