WATCH Senator Jeff Sessions' Forceful Endorsement Of Donald Trump
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I strongly recommend Patriots take 5 minutes to watch the Jeff Sessions endorsement of Donald Trump this evening.

Sessions visibly delighted in the size of the crowd, called the Trump campaign ‘a movement”, expressed total confidence in Trump’s being willing and able to deal with America’s Immigration and Trade policy catastrophes, and ended by donning a Trump “Make America Great” with a flourish.

The enthusiasm of the enormous crowd was extraordinary.

Jeff Sessions, whom Brenda Walker with good reason likes to call “America’s Senator”, is easily the most important conservative voice in the Senate since the great Jesse Helms. He and his staff has been the Right’s intellectual bastion on such issues as Trade, “Hate” Crime legislation and Supreme “Court” Commissars besides immigration.

I still like my 2006 blog Time for President Sessions (R- AL)?

It was brave and honorable of Jeff Sessions to endorse Donald Trump so warmly. I hope it carries weight.

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