January 20, 2017 (J20) Vs. January 6, 2021 (J6): A Study In Judicial Anarcho-Tyranny
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See earlier (January, 2017): "It Will Come To Blood"—Reflections On The Left's Anti-Trump Inauguration Tantrum

After Russia invaded Ukraine, CNN reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin employed the “Big Lie” to justify the military action, and that Biden “deployed the truth” to oppose him [Putin's war was launched on a runway of lies, by Frida Ghitis, CNN, February 25, 2022]. The Regime Media line was this: Russians lie with abandon, unlike Americans, because their political culture permits it. This was said with a straight face, of course. As Big Lies and corrupt political culture go, however, forget Russia. We have our own to handle.

Consider the government’s treatment of Antifa terrorists who rioted on Donald Trump’s inauguration day, January 20, 2017 (J20 hereafter), and its treatment of Trump supporters arrested in connection with the Mostly Peaceful Protest at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 (J6). Federal judges and prosecutors mostly let J20’s Trump-hating communists off scot-free. Those same federal officials have waged a campaign of legal terror and physical brutality against the J6 Trump supporters who tried to stop The Big Steal. If one ever wanted to see an example of what the late Sam Francis called Anarcho-Tyranny, this is it.

Let’s review the two.

Before J20, Before J6:

For weeks in late 2016 and early 2017, Antifa’s communists and anarchists openly strategized on the Internet and in secret meetings, to halt Trump’s Inauguration. They agreed to use Black Bloc tactics, and non-violent rioters (who did not commit violent crimes) acted as human shields and marched with violent rioters (who did). One group was indistinguishable from the other, with both groups then removing their disguises on side streets.

But said strategy erased the legal distinction between violent rioters and peaceful demonstrators. It was one big criminal conspiracy, as with a bank robbery, in which the “non-violent” getaway driver waits outside, while his gun-toting partners work inside and implicitly threaten to murder employees and customers, if they don’t actually do so.

In contrast, while J6 protesters used social media to organize the rally at which President Trump spoke, they did not conspire to riot or commit arson. They went to our nation’s capital to demand audits of key states, and encourage Vice President Mike Pence to refuse to certify the fraudulent election results.

Yet some that day clearly conspired to start trouble, knowing a crackdown against dissidents would ensue. Present at the J6 protests were mysterious individuals (Antifa? FBI?) who encouraged violence, as VDARE.com’s Peter Brimelow noted a month later. [Glenn Greenwald And Darren Beattie: New Evidence Of FBI Involvement In January 6 Capitol Riot, RealClearPolitics, October 1, 2021]

Both the VDARE.com video team and our writer J.R. Kipling were present on the Capitol steps—unknown to each other. And both separately reported that there was something unusual about the individuals who actually precipitated the move into the Capitol….

Note carefully: We’re not saying that ALL the Trump protest was entirely an Antifa/BLM false flag operation

We’re saying that, if Trump were a Democrat, “agent provocateurs” would be outed and blamed for their role in stoking violence.

We know this because Democrat elected officials shamelessly claimed that “white supremacists” and “right-wing agitators” were responsible for the Antifa/BLM summer of riots.

[CAPITOL "INSURRECTION" HOAX: How Our Lying Press Would Have Spun Jan 6 Protest If Trump Were A Democrat [VIDEO], February 9, 2021]

Of course, the Democrats and lying Regime Media were uninterested in that truth.

The J20 Defendants, The Charges, And The Courts

Hundreds if not thousands of Antifa anarchists and communists rioted and committed arson on J20. We know this because we saw it on videotapes and still photographs.

The J20 anarchists and communists threw rocks, smashed windows, assaulted police with projectiles, terrified customers in businesses they vandalized, and set SUVs and limousines on fire, destroying them.


Here's the late Larry King, who was in D.C. on January 20:

As I wrote at the time, 235 J/20 suspects were charged with various felonies (as many as five felony counts each of riot, one of property destruction, and two misdemeanor charges each for engaging in a riot and conspiracy to riot) such that, according to their Lügenpresse supporters, they were liable to serve anywhere from 20-70 years in prison and be fined as much as $25,000.

But a funny thing happened on the way to justice: they were quickly bonded out, then the judges rigged the cases to free the defendants.

The first judge presiding over the cases was Bush II appointee, U.S. Superior Court Presiding Judge Lynn Leibovitz. Leibovitz forbade the prosecution from using phrases like “Antifa” and “Black Bloc,” and just before the jury went in for deliberations, threw out the felony riot charges. Because the defendants had conspired to use what they called “Black Bloc tactics,” saw themselves as part of “Antifa,” and had used said terms in planning the riot, the prosecution could not make its case without using those phrases. As the juries couldn’t understand the prosecution’s cases, they had no choice but to acquit.

Leibovitz’s J20 malfeasance was a newfangled, stealth version of a directed verdict. Just two defendants were convicted, but Leibovitz suspended their sentences. Only one of the 235 defendants, Dane Powell, did any jail time: four months.

I hoped for a change in jurist, and got one, in U.S. Superior Court Chief Judge Robert E. Morin, a Clinton appointee. But Morin proved every bit as bad as Leibovitz.

The cases before Morin were made through a woman undercover detective who attended Antifa’s planning meetings. Shockingly, and in a revolutionary ruling, Morin would not permit her to testify unless she revealed her real name and face in open court. As Morin well knew, that would have ended the detective’s career and jeopardized her life. She refused. That killed the prosecution, and, if institutionalized, would kill all sorts of investigations, such as those into organized crime.

Leibovitz and Morin are obvious Trump-haters, and might well have conspired to throw the cases. The judicial misconduct was so extreme that the president’s new U.S. Attorney for Washington, D.C., Jesse K. Liu, threw up her hands and dropped the charges against the remaining defendants.

Even worse, in April 2021, Washington, D.C. settled a frivolous lawsuit initiated by the usual suspects—criminal defendants, the local ACLU, and a private attorney—for $1.6 million. The city even agreed to make its police more riot-friendly.

The D.C. government will pay $1.6 million to settle two lawsuits alleging police unlawfully detained more than 200 protesters in mass arrests the day of Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration in January 2017, the parties told a federal judge Monday.

Demonstrators represented by the ACLU of the District of Columbia and Jeffrey L. Light alleged D.C. police violated the constitutional rights of journalists, legal observers and protesters by indiscriminately rounding them up in downtown Washington after rampaging vandals damaged property over several blocks on Jan. 20, 2017.

The city agreed to pay $605,000 to six defendants represented by the ACLU and nearly $1 million to about 200 others falsely arrested and held up to 16 hours without food, water or restrooms in a class-action case brought by Light, according to court filings.

[D.C. to pay $1.6 million to settle mass arrest lawsuits from 2017 Trump inauguration, by Spencer S. Hsu and Peter Hermann, Washington Post, April 26, 2021]

If I’m not mistaken, the “about 200” people the Post cited were not “falsely arrested,” but were criminal suspects whom Leibovitz and Morin aided and abetted.

Conspiracy to subvert justice is a crime. Justice would require that the judges be impeached at the very least, and ideally disbarred and imprisoned. But President Trump did nothing.

The J6 Defendants, The Charges, and the Courts

Let’s contrast that with what happened at the J6 protest to stop the Electoral College count and ensuing Big Steal. At the time and ever since, the Leftist Mainstream Media and the presiding D.C. judges presiding have depicted Trump supporters as violent “white supremacists,” “insurrectionists,” and “domestic terrorists.”

Indeed, the running narrative is that J6 is another 9/11, or worse:



That’s complete nonsense, of course. And we know, again, that Antifa and other provocateurs were there, and worse still, that Capitol police likely caused the death of three unarmed, non-violent, white Trump supporters: Roseanne Boyland, also 34, Kevin Greeson, 55, and Benjamin Phillips, 50. And, famously, an immigrant Capitol Hill cop shot and killed Ashli Babbitt.

Julie Kelly of American Greatness has written a must-read book, January 6: How Democrats Used the Capitol Protest to Launch a War on Terror against the Political Right, which explains how the treatment of the J6 defendants contrasts with that of J20 defendants.

The J6 protesters weren’t bonded out, and some are in solitary confinement, for starters. The feds arrested more than 570 J6 protesters—more than twice as many as they arrested for the J20 mayhem—and charged many with “civil disorder,” “obstruction of an official proceeding,” and “violent entry into the Capitol building.”

Many, if not all of the “crimes” are counterfeit because, after J6, videos and photographs were found of Capitol Police holding doors open for “rioters,” and meeting inside the Capitol Building with them, explaining the rules of engagement to them. As Kelly notes, the demonstrators cannot have been guilty of misdemeanor trespassing. If they were, USCP officers would have arrested them at the time. When radical leftists committed identical acts, by the way, congressional leaders celebrated them.

Some federal prosecutors unwittingly confessed to their crimes. They bragged of arresting Trump supporters for misdemeanors while intending to charge them with major felonies such as sedition. They want Trump supporters too terrified ever again to protest The Big Steal. Call it shock and awe.

J20 rioters did exactly what judges and prosecutors have accused the J6 defendants of doing. The rioting communists tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power after a lawful election.

Kelly persuasively argues that the J6 judges and prosecutors have undermined the rule of law by:

  • Eliminating the presumption of innocence;
  • Equating support for Trump with being a domestic terrorist;
  • Criminalizing dissent, which they use as a pretext to deny granting bond to defendants;
  • Subjecting defendants who haven’t been convicted of a crime to cruel and unusual punishment, including the torture of white defendants by racist, black jailers in something of an American Tower of London;
  • Forcing defendants to grovel in court and recant their political beliefs;
  • Denying the right to a speedy trial by delaying them;
  • Violating the 1984 Bail Reform Act by unlawfully keeping defendants in jail;
  • Violating the Brady rules [Brady v. Maryland (1963)] that require prosecutors to give the defense potentially exculpatory evidence, in this case videotapes that judges have permitted prosecutors to suppress; and
  • Engaging in outrageously unprofessional, partisan misconduct in court at detention hearings, in which they rant and rave for up to 40 minutes at a time while expressing their burning hatred for President Trump and his supporters.

For good measure, a court-appointed attorney for several indigent J6 defendants, anti-white H. Heather Shaner, has lectured clients that they benefit from “white privilege,” forced them to study anti-white propaganda, and coerced them into apologizing for being white [A Lawyer For Jan. 6 Defendants Is Giving Her Clients Remedial Lessons In American History, by Ryan J. Reilly, Huffpost, June 23, 2021]. One wouldn’t think that an attorney who despises her clients can represent them to the best of her ability, as she is ethically and legally bound to do.

Prosecutors and FBI agents have even terrorized innocent people such as Joseph Bolanos, 69, in their homes. After a neighbor heard Bolanos, who lives on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, say that he was in the nation’s capital on January 6, the neighbor reported him to the FBI. A few days later, the bureau sent a SWAT team to terrorize Bolanos. They ransacked his and his mother’s apartments, seized his electronic devices, and caused him to suffer a stroke. Bolanos is a registered Democrat. And now neighbors shun him. Post J6, simply visiting our nation’s capital is, apparently, probable cause for issuing a search warrant.

The following D.C. judges are so out of line that they make Leibovitz and Morin look exemplary: Michael Aloi, Royce Lamberth, Emmet Sullivan, Thomas Hogan, Timothy Kelly, Randolph Moss, Zia Faruqui and Beryl Howell.

Demonstrators told Kelly that they were not violent, yet the Capitol and Metro police forces attacked with stingers, tear gas, and flash bang grenades anyway. The nonviolent demonstrators responded, “We’ve always had your back!” and gave them the finger.

For generations, the Deep State has been consolidating its power. No patriotic party stood against it. Now that state has stolen an election, we have as President a dictator who likely has dementia, and as Vice President a cackling moron and anchor baby ready to replace him. Law enforcement and the judiciary have embraced the rule of crime, with the lying MSM and academia acting as their propaganda officers and cheerleaders.

This is life in the anarcho-tyranny, as Francis described it, in which “criminals aren’t punished (which is why it is anarchy), but the innocent are (which is why it’s tyranny).”

Too bad we can’t pray for Americans to parachute in and save us.

President Trump could at least do something and defend his supporters. He must demand their release, exoneration, and indemnification, and the prosecution of those who have persecuted them.

And if he is reelected, or another Republican takes the White House, he must pardon the J6ers to send anarcho-tyranny a message: The Real Resistance has begun.

Nicholas Stix [email him] is a New York City-based journalist and researcher, much of whose work focuses on the nexus of race, crime, and education. He spent much of the 1990s teaching college in New York and New Jersey. His work has appeared in Chronicles, The New York Post, Weekly Standard, Daily News, New York Newsday, American Renaissance, Academic Questions, Ideas on Liberty and many other publications. Stix was the project director and principal author of the NPI report, The State of White America-2007. He blogs at Nicholas Stix, Uncensored.

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