Joe Biden Has Left The Building: It Will Be A Kamala Administration On Day One
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Displaying, yet again, that the average Trump supporter can marshal immensely more intelligence than can the over-credentialed Brain Trust that staffs the bipartisan Left, several attendees of President Trump’s Great American Comeback rally in Bemidji, Minnesota, spoke the plain truth that the ruling class has deemed unmentionable: Joe Biden has left the building. [Trump Supporter: Democrat Treatment of Joe Biden ‘Bordering on Elder Abuse,’ by Hannah Bleau, Breitbart, September 18, 2020] The Democrats’ “sad” treatment of their purported nominee, these brave Americans observed, “borders on elder abuse.” Merely by looking into the man’s vacant eyes, we see that he is no longer there.

The human puppet à la Dead Silence now calling itself “Joe Biden” is a walking corpse, a shell, pumped full of performance enhancing drugs, used by the party to place a white veneer of harmlessness, and moderation upon a program of apocalyptic nightmare. As soon as “Joe Biden” is inaugurated, as he and his “running mate,” Kamala Harris, have both telegraphed, “he” will step aside. Until then, “he” will simply continue on as the stilted mouthpiece for the legion of ventriloquists pulling the strings.

Even more culpable than the Democrats in the ongoing humiliation and abuse of the real Joe Biden is his wife and ne’er-do-well son. If the Bidens loved their husband and father, they would not allow this to happen to him. How can we not see this situation for what it is? This is Weekend at Bernie’s. Do “Biden” supporters really not see that every public appearance is stage-managed, that “Biden” uses teleprompters for short interviews? How can they look past the senility which worsens each day? Why are there zero journalists willing to look into this?

This is orders of magnitude more sinister than the journalistic veil of silence regarding Hillary Clinton’s collapse in the 2016 campaign, President Roosevelt’s physical incapacity, Woodrow Wilson's stroke, and even President Kennedy’s serious health issues. Just as we are in so many other respects, the American Nation is adrift in uncharted waters. If the Enemy can get away with this, there appears to be no limit to what it can accomplish.




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