Black Politician Patrick Cannon, Who Persecuted 2011 AMREN Conference And Was Jailed For Corruption Now Making Comeback—With Endorsement Of Black Political Caucus
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This is Patrick Cannon, who was Mayor Pro Tem of Charlotte NC in 2011,  and in what would be obvious Federal Civil Rights violation if the victims weren't white, used his official position to prevent the 2011 American Renaissance Conference from happening. He later went to jail of Federal charges of accepting bribes—that's his mugshot.

He's making a comeback, because that's what disgraced black politicians do: see the cases of Alcee Hastings and Marion Barry. And other black politicians are encouraging him. (BPC is the Black Political Caucus of Charlotte.)

Briefly, hearing that American Renaissance was having a conference, with a hotel booked, with a contract, and all the usual things, Mayor Pro Tem Cannon told all the local hotels not to host the place, and the Sheraton, which was fully aware of what American Renaissance was trying to have a conferance about, cancelled, forcing American Renaissance to have what was left of their conference in a small restaurant:

Here's our 2011 coverage:

In 2014, Cannon was arrested, charged, and jailed for taking bribes.

We covered this here—all right, we may have gloated a little:

Those were from March, 2014; this is from November.

After being convicted and sentenced, but before actually going to jail, Cannon, now a convicted felon, voted illegally:

Some people in Charlotte are unhappy about this:

But black voters may put him back in office anyway, which is not a good omen for the civil rights of white people in Charlotte.

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