Allan Wall: Oklahoma, I Warned You What Would Happen If You Welcomed A Mexican Consulate
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Last year in my red home state of Oklahoma, a Mexican consulate was opened. This consulate was encouraged, facilitated, and celebrated by Republican Governor Kevin Stitt and Republican Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt.

I thought it was a bad idea.  Apparently, though, nobody influential in the Oklahoma GOP or the state government spoke out against it.

But now I can say, ”I told you so.” Allow me to quote myself.

In an article from December 2022, after Governor Stitt announced the consulate’s opening the following spring, I wrote this:

Mexican consulates are centers of subversion. They promote illegal immigration. They meddle in U.S. politics. They promote dual citizenship. They undermine the loyalty of Mexican-Americans to the country in which they were born or welcomed them as naturalized citizens. Thus, consulates work against assimilation and, even worse, American sovereignty. 

MEMO FROM MIDDLE AMERICA: Gov. Stitt, Mayor Holt Crow As Mexican Meddlers Open Oklahoma City Consulate—Constituents React Badly

In May of 2023 I had an article about the celebrated opening of the Mexican consulate in Oklahoma City, attended by gushing panderers Stitt and Holt. I wrote this:

Mexico claims jurisdiction of all children born to Mexican parents on U.S. soil and regards Americans of Mexican ancestry as Mexicans. Stitt and Holt don’t care. They facilitate the opening of the Mexican consulate to Hispander and for the sake of giving Oklahoma City ”global potential.”

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Once again, nobody with influence in Oklahoma cared what I had to say.

Now, House Bill 4156 has passed both houses of the legislature and needs only the governor’s signature to become law.

The law would allow Oklahoma state and local police to remove illegal aliens from Oklahoma. Sounds great.

Ah, but what does the Mexican consulate in Oklahoma, so sought after by Governor Stitt, have to say about it?

Well, the Mexican consulate is tweeting against it (in Spanish, of course, my translation):


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