American Renaissance Foe (And Convicted Felon) Former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon Commits Another Crime—Illegal Voting!
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As the United States of America transitions into a Third World kleptocracy, the kind of political intimidation, open thuggery, and elimination of the rule of law that we see outside the West will be encountered more often each day within what used to be our country.  One typical example was back in 2011, when then Charlotte City Councilman Patrick Cannon was reportedly instrumental in forcing the cancellation of American Renaissance's yearly conference.  Despite the use of tactics that would have fit in Eastern Europe in the 1960's, the media was largely silent about this government abuse of power.  After all, white guys don't deserve free speech, unless it's a conference about denouncing white privilege.

Is Patrick Cannon The (Allegedly, For Legal Reasons) Corrupt DEMOCRATIC Mayor Of Charlotte, Or The Corrupt BLACK Mayor Of CharloPatrick Cannon went on to become mayor of Charlotte.  Like so many other black mayors, he was duly arrested and charged with accepting bribes.  Needless to say, the media didn't say much about that either, burying even his Democratic Party identification.  Cannon was convicted in October and sentenced to 44 months in prison.  However, he managed to vote in the midterm elections — in violation of his bond.

Former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon was stripped of his right to vote in October when he was sentenced to 44 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to felony corruption charges.
But just over two weeks later, Cannon cast a ballot in North Carolina's midterm elections. And the vote, a violation of Cannon's bond, has again landed the former mayor in hot water.
"Let's cut to the chase: He shouldn't have done that, and we're going to talk to him tomorrow," Greg Forrest, chief of the U.S. Probation Office in Charlotte, told the Charlotte Observer on Tuesday.
[Ex-Charlotte Mayor, A Convicted Felon, Votes in Violation of Bond, by Jake Miller, CBS News, November 4, 2014]

This kind of casual voter fraud in North Carolina has already been exposed by James O'Keefe.  If Thom Tills goes down in North Carolina because of high black turnout, well—we will know why.

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