Biden Administration To Railroad Border Patrol Agents Who Try To Stop Invasion
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The Open Borders Left and revanchist Mexicans have long hated the Border Patrol and immigration enforcement at and near the border with Mexico. They think that the Southwest of the United States belongs to Mexico and White Americans are colonists and interlopers in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and California.

Given the recent 175th anniversary of the War with Mexico, the left is violently enraged about American westward expansion and the manifest destiny of a prosperous white nation in the New World. In their anger, any baseless allegation or calumny will do. To celebrate the American victory over Mexico, the Lying Press has decided to go to well with a tired trope of murder, abuse, and misconduct by the U.S. Border Patrol.

And not just a tired trope, but a pack of lies. Your humble correspondent has been writing for years about the campaign by the Lügenpresse, the American Civil Liberties Association, and the Obama Biden Regimes to slander the Border Patrol and quash immigration enforcement by falsely accusing Border Patrol Agents (BPA) and Customs and Border Protection Officers (CBPO) of murder and endless persecutions of innocent BPAs, such as Lonnie Swartz, for the lawful use of deadly force against violent Mexican invaders. A war, if you will, on the Border Patrol waged by an unholy alliance of the press, subversive groups, and the government itself.

As the Biden Regime’s Open Borders plan is implemented, it has decided to continue the Obama War On The Border Patrol with their own little Cheka directed against the Border Patrol. As many know from the new, television, and movies, when law enforcement officers are involved in a shooting or other serious use of force resulting in death or injury, there is not only an investigation by an agency to determine if the shooting was legal and if criminal prosecution is appropriate, there is also an investigation as to determine if the shooting was within agency policy.

When Federal law enforcement offices are involved in a use-of-force that results in death, the investigation is generally conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in conjunction with the particular cabinet department’s Office of Inspector General (OIG). Generally, if there is no death, the investigation is assigned to the department’s component that is generally charged with investigation of misconduct.

Most Federal law enforcement agencies have an internal affairs unit, now generally called Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR), charged with investigating such misconduct that the cabinet department’s OIG declines to investigate.

As a side note, the two major OPRs in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) are U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement OPR and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) OPR. Both are generally staffed by less than stellar agents, as all major cases involving ICE and CBP misconduct are taken by DHS OIG, leaving only minor misconduct for both OPRs to investigation, especially cases involving use-of-force resulting in deaths as well as corruption and other serious misconduct. This is a newer development, as ICE OPR had a reputation for failing to notify DHS OIG of serious misconduct cases, which stemmed from ICE OPR’s history as legacy U.S. Customs Service’s (USCS) OPR, which never worked with the Department of the Treasury’s OIG.

But parallel to the criminal investigation of cases of use-of-force deaths, the component would conduct a parallel investigation related to possible personnel action and adherence to the agency’s use-of-force policy. Generally, this is not a criminal investigation, but a management inquiry related to policy and procedure. This is true throughout law enforcement, and it would be quite unusual for there to be three possible separate investigations into the same incident: the FBI and OIGs, the OPR, and the management inquiry.

Local law enforcement has something similar, investigation by an outside agency and the District Attorney’s office into criminal charges, an investigation by a local agency’s internal affairs unit, and an investigation by a shooting review board. This is the standard across the board.

However, radical open borders leftists have demanded that CBP end their management inquiries into shootings and assign all non-FBI/OIG investigations to the CBP OPR. For some reason, the Mexican revanchists and open borders radicals think that CBP’s management inquiries into shootings were somehow sabotaging criminal investigations by the FBI and DHS OIG, and other misconduct investigations by CBP OPR.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection issued a memo last week announcing that Border Patrol Critical Incident Teams, which have been accused of covering up official wrongdoing, will no longer be used in the processing of critical incidents involving CBP agents starting in October.

The announcement comes months after congressional Democrats urged the Government Accountability Office in a letter to investigate the use of the critical incident teams to process critical incident scenes.

The letter, sent in January, was prompted by concerns from civil rights organizations that claim the units have been used to cover up incidents involving excessive violence by CBP agents.

More than 200 U.S. citizens and noncitizens have been killed by CBP agents since 2010, according to the Southern Border Communities Coalition, an organization that says it is aimed at eradicating perilous border policies that have put human rights of migrants at stake.

[CBP To Disband Border Patrol Units Accused Of Cover-Ups In Arizona, by Laura Daniella Sepulveda, Yahoo News/Arizona Republic, May 9, 2022]

For those in the know, the Critical Incident Response Teams (CIRT) are a management response to an immediate need to secure a crime scene, isolate agents involved in a shooting, and adhere to the professional standards about treatment of agents involved in serious use-of-force incidents, which are regulated not only by common standards but Supreme Court decisions on the questioning of government employees and certain rights in the contract between the Border Patrol Agent’s union and CBP.

In any case, the DHS OIG and the FBI respond to such critical incidents and conduct separate investigations from the management inquiry. DHS OIG jealously guards its authority and independence; any allegation that DHS OIG allows USBP management to interfere in its investigations is just flat wrong. I speak from personal experience.

What is at the core of the issue is that despite years of allegations of misconduct in the use-of-force BPAs and CBPOs, the allegations either specific or general, never pan out, there is just no there there. Whether it is allegations of child abuse, abuse of arrestees, or shootings, the ACLU and the press just lie.

Those lies are now resulting in the Biden Regime abolishing management inquires into shootings, most, if not all, justified, in favor of creating in the CBP OPR a little Cheka, as the Obama Regime did, to railroad BPAs and CBPOs like they did Lonnie Swartz for lawful use of force.

And why? Because this is part of the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty. Just as the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty used assaults on the Border Patrol to discourage enforcement of the laws by agents and officers, so is the Biden Regime acting to discourage enforcement and to decrease employee morale.

The next Congress will have to deal with this problem by impeachment!


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