Obama Regime’s War Against Border Patrol Intensifying
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The Left is nothing if not relentless in attacking its foes, and the main public enemy of the Cultural Marxists in both the United States and Europe are those who guard nation-states’ borders. The already-existing war against these defenders of the West by the Obama Regime, hypocritical Non-Governmental Organizations and the Main Stream Media is only intensifying.

The Regime is now applying Soviet-style justice by demanding convictions and punishment for Border Patrol Agents who have done nothing wrong and have broken no laws. And as usual, the Regime is getting an assist from its pets in the MSM:

Nearly a year after the Obama administration vowed to crack down on Border Patrol agents who use excessive force, no shooting cases have been resolved, no agents have been disciplined, a review panel has yet to issue recommendations, and the top two jobs in internal affairs are vacant.

The response suggests the difficulties of reforming the nation's largest federal law enforcement force despite complaints in Congress and from advocacy groups that Border Patrol agents have shot and killed two dozen people on the Southwest border in the last five years but have faced no criminal prosecutions or disciplinary actions.

Administration officials insist they are moving as quickly as possible in a thicket of federal bureaucracy, union rules and an internal culture that closes ranks around its paramilitary force.

[Border Patrol Sees Little Reform on Agents Use of Force, by Brian Bennett, Los Angeles Times, February 25, 2015]

The Department of Homeland Security even has its own little (white) Eric Holder who is ready to preside over the equivalent of the Moscow Show Trials:
Gil Kerlikowske, commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, the parent agency for the Border Patrol, said in an interview that he was reviewing 14 shooting cases for possible violations of agency rules on use of force.

"I'm not sure we will reach a level of satisfaction with the public on every one of those cases," Kerlikowske said, pointing to a thick file of cases on his desk. "But we will be much more thorough, much more accountable and we will be much more transparent … going forward."

Traditionally, actual evidence is needed in order to justify criminal charges or disciplinary action. But now that Eric Holder thinks that is inherently objectionable, the results will not be long in coming. All Kerlikowske needs is an investigator who lacks both professionalism and a conscience and is accordingly eager to do his bidding.

Thus far, however, his search has been unsuccessful:

Kerlikowske also shook up the agency's office of internal affairs. In June, he removed its longtime director and brought in an outsider, Mark Morgan, a supervisor in the FBI's Inspection Division, to revamp investigations of abuse and corruption.

But Morgan returned to the FBI in December and the top job at internal affairs has not been filled. The No. 2 official, Paul Hamrick, left in July, and that job also remains open…

For now, temporary managers run the office.

But Kerlikowske is not discouraged:
Kerlikowske said more than 60 candidates had applied to run internal affairs, which has 580 employees and a budget this year of $140 million. He said he hoped to fill the top two jobs "in the next month."
And Border Patrol agents should know that the fix is in as the arbiter for what constitutes a “proper investigation” is apparently the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
"We are concerned that there isn't a sense of urgency at revisiting the cases that weren't properly investigated," Chris Rickerd, a border security expert for the American Civil Liberties Union in Washington, said in a telephone interview.
By a “sense of urgency,” ACLU means that it is terrible no Border Patrol agents have been arrested or disciplined yet, regardless of the facts.

This is an international trend. It’s is not just the men who patrol the borders of the United States who are in danger of kangaroo courts. The brave men of the Guardia Civil of Spain are also under attack by Cultural Marxists for acting like their knightly ancestors and resisting a Muslim invasion of Spain.

 (Milan) – There has been little progress toward justice for the drowning deaths of 15 migrants in waters off a Spanish enclave in North Africa on February 6, 2014, Human Rights Watch said today.

The Spanish Guardia Civil fired rubber bullets and teargas at the water while the migrants attempted to swim to Ceuta, one of Spain’s two North African enclaves, from Morocco.

[Spain: A Year On, No Justice for Migrant Deaths, Human Rights Watch, February 4, 2015]

Yet the real reason Human Rights Watch is concerned about the Guardia Civil is not because they used too much force—but because they enforced the law, and so interfered with the project of replacing the Spanish people.
Over the past year, nongovernmental organizations have reported instances of excessive use of force and summary returns by Guardia Civil officers at the enclave borders, in particular from Melilla, the other enclave. But rather than tackle these abusive practices, the Spanish government has sought to institutionalize a policy of summary returns. A deeply flawed public security law before the Senate would, among other things, formalize the summary return of migrants and asylum seekers from the enclaves to Morocco. [Emphasis added]
So just as the Left in the United States is outraged by the swift enforcement of immigration laws and expedited removal, the Cultural Marxists object to a similar practice by the Spaniards—and undoubtedly to any other expression of sovereignty and self-protection by Americans, Europeans, or Australians.

The end goal of the Left is nothing less than the utter demographic destruction of the West. That is what is at stake. The only question is whether Western societies have the will to survive.

The first step is defending those who defend us—the Border Patrol, the Guardia Civil, and all the rest of the brave men and women who stand watch on the walls of our civilization.

The blogger Federale (Email him) is a 4th generation Californian and a veteran of federal law enforcement, including service in the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service, the Department of Homeland Security, and other federal law enforcement agencies.

Federale's opinions do not represent those of the Department of Homeland Security or the federal government, and are an exercise of rights protected by the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

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