CBP Use-Of-Force Policy Encourages Somali To Try And Run Down Border Patrol Agents—Who Aren't Allowed To Shoot
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This writer warned that the Obama Regime's War on the Border Patrol was coming and it came with a vengeance.  And the fruits of this war are developing on the border as a Somali #Muslim learned the lesson that Border Patrol Agents will no long fire on attackers if the attackers are using a motor vehicle to attempt to kill Federal agents.
A Somali citizen tried to run over Border Patrol agents in southern Arizona after a high speed pursuit, according to federal investigators.

In April, investigators say Ahmed Elni Abdalla drove up to a checkpoint near Amado. When agents approached Abdalla’s car, he drove through the stop sign and tried to get away at a “high rate of speed."

The high-speed pursuit continued up to Green Valley where agents were able to box in Abdalla’s car.

However, Abdalla allegedly refused to get out. When agents tried to break his car window, Abdalla drove right at agents who had to “jump out of the way in order to avoid being hit,” according to federal paperwork.

In December, another Somali citizen was detained by Border Patrol agents. Investigators say Omar Haji Mohamed was paid to help sneak people across the U.S. Border.

[Documents: Somali Citizen Tried To Run Over Border Agents In Southern Arizona, by Katie Connor, ABC 15 Arizona, May 23, 2016]

This is part of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty:  discourage and frighten Border Patrol Agents, and let it be known among alien smugglers that there is no consequence to attacking Federal agents.  Only a few short years ago, this smuggler would have been shot down while he was trying to kill a Border Patrol Agent, but Obama and the execrable R. Gil Kerlikowske, head of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, don't like to see dead criminals who try and murder Border Patrol Agents.

It was obvious that this policy of not shooting at attackers using motor vehicles was a feature, not a bug of the new CBP Use of Force Policy, the goal was to discourage enforcement and encourage violence by alien and drug smugglers, all to support the ultimate goal of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty, more illegal aliens in the United States to vote Democrat.

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