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A Reader In Puerto Rico Wonders If Islanders Really Consider Themselves Americans; etc.

From: Roy Sievers (e-mail him)

Re: Today's Letters: A Puerto Rican Reader Is Tired Of Being Mistaken For An Illegal Alien

I'm an American businessman on assignment in San Juan. My scheduling takes me home to my California corporate headquarters often. I am, accordingly, completely aware of the roiling debate about illegal immigration.

One thing I note with disappointment about Puerto Ricans and naturalized Mexicans.

Both are indeed American citizens.

But, with too few exceptions, neither considers themselves American.

Puerto Ricans identify themselves as Borinqueños and Mexicans, even though they may be citizens, still think of themselves as—well, Mexican.

Sievers is a financial executive in the leisure industry. He was born in California.

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A New York Reader Identifies The Latest American Displacement Scheme

From: Mike Mc (e-mail him)

Re: Saturday Forum: A Maryland Reader Says Ted Kennedy Loves Refugees—But Keep Them Away From Hyannis Port!

Since it is unable to pass "Comprehensive Immigration Reform," Congress has a new scheme to displace American citizens at our own expense.

It's called "Refugee Resettlement".

Refugee status is a way for our bureaucrats to grant legal residence to individuals claiming to be victims.

Then, big business turns around to hire the refugees all under the umbrella of legality.

For example, the Wall Street Journal reported that recent Burmese refugees and hired at the Swift meatpacking plant in Texas where they are being paid $12.00 an hour, a rate higher than the minimum wage in my home state.[Burmese Refugees Bail Out Meatpacker JBS Swift, by Miriam Jordan, Wall Street Journal, June 6, 2008]

In this depressed economy, are there no Americans who would take those jobs?

Obviously, refugees are the latest scam—everyone is "legal" and no one is "illegal".

We may not be getting the jobs but we will be getting the bills to subsidize our replacement's "resettlement."

Mc lives in White Plains and notes, disgustedly, that it is a "sanctuary city".

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A Michigan Reader Says We Need More Immigration—Not!

From: Jean Sharpe (e-mail her)

Now that the surprisingly high unemployment and inflation numbers have been released. and gas prices keep rising, let's improve matters with more immigrants.

A recession, nay, even a depression, may be what our country needs to put the breaks on the unending tide of illegal and legal newcomers eager to exploit the land of opportunity. This tide includes all the refugees here to get their permanent handouts.

Or should I have said "the land of dwindling opportunity", considering that our wheat reserves are down to a pitiful level, and even fresh water may soon be rationed.

But bring in more immigrants! Let's overload the boat even more because our government, run by growth-mad elites, is insane.

Working-class American citizens are really struggling and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. 

But let's have more immigrants! Please, I insist!  More, ever more, as our democracy disappears and our rule of law

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