Malkin's Attack On Planned Parenthood Perplexes Former Philippines Resident
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From: Wanda Gomez-Berger (e-mail her)

Re: Michelle Malkin's Column: Planned Parenthood's Obscene Profits

As a Filipina-American, Michelle Malkin should understand the devastating results when family planning is ignored.

When I was a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines forty years ago, the country was a verdant land with 35 million people.

But it was obvious to me even then that its huge families doomed the Philippines to poverty and would eventually drive millions abroad in search of their future.

Today the Philippines cannot provide for its 100 million people. The best of its citizens—nurses and teachers—have bailed out.

Michelle is entitled to a righteous anger about immigration.

But her attack on Planned Parenthood—which works to make good on its goal of "every child a wanted child"—is misguided.

Gomez-Berger, who lives in California, is a long-standing advocate of population stabilization and describes herself as "a thorn in the side of those who misapply hagiography to illegal aliens."

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