A PaleoConservative in Georgia Admires A Progressive View Point
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06/14/08 - Saturday Forum: A Reader In Puerto Rico Wonders If Islanders Really Consider Themselves Americans; etc.

From: "Klaos Oldanburg" (e-mail him)

Re: Randall Burns' Column: How Pilgrim's Pride Can Really Live Up To Its Name

In recent years I have drifted from what might be called progressive populism, similar to Dennis Kucinich, to paleo-conservatism, along the lines of Ron Paul

So now when I say "I'm ashamed of my ancestors' hurtful legacy," I'm referring to my parents at Haight-Ashbury

But, joking aside, it's a much shorter journey, ideologically, than some may think. 

When it comes to NAFTA, Chinese Imports/Walmart/outsourcing, the framework that makes illegal immigration economically viable, the major difference between a progressive and a paleo is the logic they use to arrive at their position.

My progressive pedigree that led me to the same conclusion, more or less, that Burns describes in his article. 

If a meatpacking company is going to exploit Mexicans, then the least it could do is to make sure their voyage home is comfortable, should the government decide to deport them. 

A very modest severance package—maybe an extra paycheck or two—is in order as well. 

While it's insane to combine open borders with a welfare state, it's understandable to sneak into a country that provides this combination.  And who knows, maybe some of the illegals would use their severance to start businesses in their terribly underdeveloped rural homelands, thereby reducing the seductive power of indentured servitude in America.

When considering this course of action, one must keep in mind that a) the American government ought to always consider the welfare of Americans first and foremost, b) we are in the middle of a recession and c) the Mexican elite are making enormous fortunes off the current arrangement as well, and they should be expected to pony up. 

If the money simply goes from Tyson's bank account into Carlos Slim's, nothing has been accomplished.

It's always refreshing to discover progressives, or conservatives for that matter, brave enough to be honest about immigration. 

To everyone at VDARE.COM, keep up the good work!

"Oldanburg" is a web designer.

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