A Mathematician And Ecological Systems Expert Says: Play Hardball With Mexico Over Water!
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From: A. Zarkov (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: Water Supply—Where The Overpopulation Rubber Hits The Road

The US shares Colorado River water with Mexico according to a bilateral treaty signed in 1944.

The Mexican government not only refuses to help stem the tide of illegal immigration, it actively encourages it. The resulting population transfer from Mexico to the US puts additional strain on an already-acute fresh water shortage in the Southwest.

Therefore the US needs to reduce the Mexican Colorado River water allocation to reflect the shift in the demand for water caused by illegal immigration.

It's time our government played hardball on this issue.

However, as we all know, neither Democrats nor Republicans will touch the water issue. Both seem more interested in the welfare of Mexico than the U.S.

Zarkov lives in California. He is no relation to Flash Gordon's sidekick Dr. Hans Zarkov although they both share an eagerness to fight against enemy aliens.

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