A Puerto Rican Reader Says Statehood Should Come Before Amnesty For Aliens
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From:  Carlos Rodriguez [e-mail him]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Quinceanera: Just Dishonest Propaganda

I was born in Puerto Rico and lived in Mexico. Our quinceanera parties are different from Mexico's, trust me on that.

Puerto Rico's are more of a cotillion event with tuxedo and formal attire.  While the alcohol flows freely, most guests don't dare make a spectacle of themselves in front of family and friends. 

We don't do the church ceremony, and we certainly don't have the violence so much in vogue with the Latino crowds at California quinceañra parties.  

Puerto Ricans do not like to be confused with Mexicans and I would ask you to please make a clear distinction between us.

We are U.S. citizens pursuant to the Jones Act of 1917.

Puerto Ricans have fought and died in all U.S. wars. And since World War II, Puerto Rico has suffered more casualties per capita than any other U.S. jurisdiction, according to Pentagon statistics.

Puerto Rico at least merits consideration for statehood before Congress contemplates amnesty for illegal aliens. Unlike many other Hispanics, we did not sneak into the country. 

We are not illegals and our culture differs from that of Mexicans, Hondurans, Guatemalans etc. 

Puerto Ricans are not immigrants but citizens and your allies in the fight for immigration control.

I, personally, am a staunch proponent of immigration enforcement and disdain those who propose tolerance of illegal aliens.

Rodriguez's previous letter about Hispanic patriotism is here. His opinions about illegal immigration can be read here on San Juan's El Nuevo Dia where, according to Rodriguez, "most posters hold positions that would do VDARE.COM proud."

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