A Reader Asks If The Swift Story Will Be Followed Up?
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A Reader In Brownsville, Texas, writes:

The editorializing continues about the poor, unfortunate and persecuted illegal immigrants in the 'Swift raids,' but where are the follow-up news stories about these people? THERE PROBABLY WON'T BE ANY SUCH STORIES. WHY?

In our nation of laws (?) these people will be given court hearings and will be released on their own recognizance (meaning no bail) and will disappear in the crowds, probably to their own homes. Law enforcement "won't be able to find them" or "won't have the manpower to look for them." Could they even go back to work for Swift? After all, they have been released by the court and have not yet been convicted of any crime?

Am I the only one who thinks this charade is all 'smoke and mirrors' and is just to show that the federal government is "doing something" about illegal aliens and illegal alien employers?? Can one imagine Open-Borders-North-American-Union Bush allowing these people to be deported? It might affect his Hispandering to the "new Hispanic voters."

Senate Bill 2611 (passed by the Senate but stopped by the House) had provisions in almost all sections that allowed deportation to be stopped "in the interest of family unity" or "if one family member could document a hardship if the alien was deported." If these are present in the current law, none will be deported. And immigration lawyers will be enriched with taxpayer dollars in defending these people.

I would really like to see any follow-up stories, if they occur.

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