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A New Jersey Reader Takes On Latino Thugs At A Pro-America Rally; etc.

From: Kathleen Pacifico

Re: Lincoln Kahn's Column: Victor Toro, Activist For Illegals Revealed As An Illegal Immigrant Himself

I am new to the anti-illegal immigration movement, and I had never before considered the motives of some of its illegal alien advocates. So I read with great interest Kahn's recent VDARE.COM article.

I personally became aware of the anti-American element when on July 28 I attended the ProAmerica Rally in Morristown, NJ.

Across the street from our group at City Hall were 150 counter-protesters.

Our local Latino advocacy group, "Wind of the Spirit", advertised its counter-rally as a "prayer vigil."

But I didn't see any praying. People screamed through bullhorns the entire time and made numerous attempts to disrupt us. They waved red flags and chanted Marxist slogans, such as "Workers of the World, Unite." The anarchists screamed in Spanish throughout the playing of The Star-Spangled Banner, infiltrated our group and confronted rally attendees. Not one American flag was in sight

Two of them stormed our stage and tried to destroy the sound system. After the rally, they pulled an attendee and his wife from their car and beat them. The wife ended up at the hospital.

In contrast, there was no violence coming from our side. (See the YouTube video of the entire event including the anarchist's attempt to disrupt our peaceful meeting here)

The Morristown mayor, Don Cresitello, spoke at our rally. He is attempting to deputize his police force to enable them to apprehend illegal aliens.

Cresitello commented about the Marxists and Communists opposing us. For weeks afterward, the local mainstream media demonized Mayor Cresitello, suggesting he'd gone off on a racist rant.

Women from the National Organization for Women held signs reading "NOW."  Although they are supposedly a women's rights group, they too infiltrated our rally and held up pro-illegal alien signs.

Because our gathering had received numerous threats against us, we had a huge police presence, about 150 officers, some in riot gear.

The mainstream media published statements from the police chief who defended his decision to protect us.

Reading Kahn's article about groups who are using illegal aliens to further their attempt to overtake our country rang true to me.

I am shocked at the left-wing nature of the counter rally. I'm sure if many Americans were informed about what is going on, they too would become anti-illegal immigration activists. However, the MSM carefully hides the left-wing link from the public.

Thankfully, VDARE.COM allowed Kahn to write the ugly truth.

Pacifico is in the food services industry and writes short stories that have been published in several magazines.

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A Florida Reader Provides Background on Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart

From: Andres Salazar

Re: Peter Brimelow's Blog: Hispanic "Republican" Congressman Calls For Spanish-Language Enclaves

U.S. Representative Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R-FL) was born in Cuba and raised in Spain and Venezuela. He identifies more closely with other foreign-born living here than he does with the interests of native-born Americans. It is of no concern to Diaz-Balart whether people are in the U.S. legally or illegally.

At his high school in Spain and the New College in Sarasota (where I was a fellow student), Lincoln Diaz-Balart was known as an avid Marxist. He was against Marxism, Leninism and Fidel Castro but was a proponent of the Second Marxist International.

In the opinion of Diaz-Balart, both American political parties are too capitalist. He has advocated that the U.S. primary industries and utilities should be nationalized.

During the Jimmy Carter campaign, in which he served as a Tampa-area volunteer, Diaz-Balart turned Democrat. Then, after a few years, he switched party affiliation because he kept losing as a Democrat running for office in the Cuban-dominated and Republican Hialeah district.

And Diaz-Balart had figured out that if he switched parties he had a shot at the Florida State Legislature. He served there before he ran for the House of Representatives.

His political views, including those on illegal immigration, are similar to those held by prominent Democrats.

Send mail to Salazar c/o [email protected]

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A Mexican-Canadian Reader Hopes America's "Fear" Of Foreigners Does Not Turn Her Into An Authoritarian State

From: Jesús Peña (e-mail him)

Re: George Ajjan's Column: Modern Technology vs. Old Fashioned Assimilation—Is A Melting Pot Even Possible Any More?

I hope with all my mind and heart that America never becomes the authoritarian state George Ajjan is advocating for and that his ancestors fled from. But again, even the best country in the world may devolve by fear of the foreign and lack of acceptance of new people and ideas.

Many facts are hidden or ignored in Ajjan's article. For example, even when Spanish-speakers in the US watch Spanish TV, that does not mean they speak Spanish only. Another one is that "a simple programming" can translate English into Spanish, but the resulting text is unintelligible for any practical purpose.

America is a free country, where its people (and I count legal immigrants and naturalized Americans among them) choose freely to assimilate at their own pace.

Using the government—as I believe Ajjan advocates, although he doesn't say it directly— to restrict TV programming and technology is un-American.

Peña was born in Mexico. He is a naturalized Canadian. A previous letter to VDARE.COM by Peña is here.

George Ajjan replies: Of course Spanish speakers may prefer Spanish-language entertainment despite being totally fluent in English or perhaps even possess superior skills in English. 

For example, my Arabic is poor but I occasionally watch al-Jazeera to brush up on my comprehension. I also watch historical dramas, game shows, and music videos on other Arabic satellite channels.   As an American citizen, I am free to enjoy whatever entertainment I wish. 

But let's not kid ourselves, there are those who immigrate to the US, legally or illegally, and rely exclusively on non-English media sources that inhibit their ability to assimilate.

True, the translation technology is not perfect (believe me, if you think the Spanish auto-translations are bad, try the Arabic ones!) But sooner or later, these tools will be as close to perfect as they need to be to allow people to function in American society without knowing English.

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An Arizona Reader Says His Local Police Department Is Colorblind…When It Comes To Hispanics

From: Michael Salzer (e-mail him)

While surfing the Internet, I stumbled onto the "Sex Offender Information Center."

On a whim, I thought I'd check out how many sex offenders live in my zip code.

Since I live in Arizona, the number of predators living within walking distance of my home—26—didn't shock me.

But although many of them are classified as " white," they have names like "Calderon," "Garcia," "Gonzales," and "Alvarado".

Here are two examples: Gilberto Castro and Humberto Hernandez

In all, I was able to find more than 60 examples of Hispanic offenders being classified as "white" for the purpose of political correctness.

I've heard of being colorblind before. But this is ridiculous.

Salzer is a student

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A Denison University Researcher Says That Guzzardi Should Stop Spreading His Hateful Propaganda

From: M. T. Hill (e-mail here)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Legal Mass Immigration Is The Ultimate Threat

I am not sure who the "Ohio Doctor" is that Guzzardi consulted with for his column. But I assure you that the doctor's narrow perspective and uneducated response to refugee resettlement is unqualified.

I have worked with the Somali community for months and have never met a more generous and friendly people. I speak English, and only English, but nevertheless I have been able to conduct interviews with Somali leaders as well as local vendors.

The "Ohio Doctor," whose conviction it is that Western medicine is superior, is ethnocentric and ignorant.

Denison University offers cultural exposure and understanding as well as a more expansive outreach programs for not only Somalis but also other immigrant groups.

What is so wrong with learning about the world around us? Somalis are not taking jobs from Americans. They are creating jobs for themselves.

There are very few instances in Columbus of Somalis moving into the middle-class suburbs that Guzzardi and the "Ohio Doctor" imagine are exclusively white.

White supremists [sic] like yourselves disrespect members of the human race.

What makes Guzzardi and his colleague better than anyone else? Their positions are unjustified, illegitimate and ignorant.

It is obvious that Guzzardi is writing without any concern for the facts. Until he can prove that his word is gospel, then he should quit spreading his hateful propaganda.

"Ohio Doctor" responds:

This letter has every liberal canard ever thought of. I wonder if the "researcher" would get such a warm welcome if he were explaining to the Somali leaders that female genital mutilation is against the law?

Columbus has slowly gotten to know its new Somali residents. All one has to say is "they're Somali" for everyone to understand.

Mayor Michael B. Coleman (e-mail him here) wanted to bring in 15,000 more Somalis but there was such an outcry the program has been tabled. The only people, other than the letter writer, who are seeking more Somali refugees are in the Mayor's office, where they understand this means perennial power for the Democratic city machine.

Local people, including the African-American community, have learned to avoid the Somalis, who now reside in their own enclave situated in the heart of Columbus.

The money we have given to Somalis, not only in Columbus but also across America, would have been better spent giving food and housing to them in their own country.

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A South Dakota Reader Says "Hate" Is A Loaded Word

From: Rurik: (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Wave of Hate? More Propaganda From The Treason Lobbyists At La Raza

Is America experiencing a "wave of hate"? If illegal aliens and their supporters keep pushing and insulting us, we could create a sea of hate.

But hate is one of those loaded words; sometimes it is the appropriate reaction. We hate cancer and discrimination. Many of us hate George Bush

It is not wrong to hate illegal immigration. And besides, don't many Mexicans hate gringos?

Rurik is a Vietnam War veteran whose opinions are posted at several blogs including Veteran-American Voices and Old War Dogs

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