A Wisconsin Reader Challenges A Dense Radio Talk Show Host
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08/11/07 - Saturday Forum: A New Jersey Reader Takes On Latino Thugs At A Pro-America Rally; etc.

From: Pat Clifford (e-mail him)

The politically correct Wisconsin Public Radio had a guest from the Association of Communities for Reform Now, ACORN, discussing the fight against poverty.

ACORN is another of those irritating organizations that pushes for "comprehensive immigration reform." Read its position here.

I called in and said that the most obvious way to raise wages is to deport the 20 million illegal aliens and seal the borders. I should know about stagnant wages; I'm a janitor.

WPR's host, Ben Merens, was completely baffled by my suggestion. He asked: "Why?" [e-mail Merens here.]

I told him that mass immigration is the chief factor in driving down American wages and has also resulted in lost job opportunities for native-born Americans.

The ACORN nut said, "Well, I don't think we should be deciding who should and should not get into this country." [e-mail ACORN here]

Merens still claims to be dumbfounded as to what all the fuss about illegal immigration is. Some of us in Wisconsin have yet to see the light.

Joe Guzzardi writes: Clifford, a non-union janitor, was formerly a night auditor at a motel. But, as he told me, "[Asian] Indians bought the place, fired all the natives and hired their relatives." His previous letter is here.

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