A California Reader Agrees On MSM Illegal Immigration Reporting
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11/29/06 - The SPLC On Equal Opportunity Hate Crimes

From: Frank Balena [e-mail him]

I'm a conservative but couldn't agree more with your take on Mainstream Media bias on illegal immigration. 

What I find incredible is the total journalistic censorship of the consequences of illegal immigration ignoring both the valiant efforts of the Jordan Commission and the total ignorance on the part of our clueless elected "leaders". 

Your voice in the wilderness is effective and appreciated. 

Keep up the good work. You are lifting the fog covering illegal immigration so that citizens can learn the truth. 

You have helped us turn the corner on the illegal immigration crisis. Those who ignore the truth will pay the piper.

Balena's grandparents immigrated to Ellis Island from Italy during the early 20th Century.

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