A Texas Reader Says No More Asylum For Iraqis Until Our Soldiers Come Home
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From: Suzan Donoghue (e-mail her)

Re: James Fulford's Blog: Told-You-So Department: Iraqi Refugees Starting To Enter U.S.

I disagree with the Iraq War.

But what really bothers me is why on earth we attacked Iraq, bombing and destroying the country, just to turn around and rebuild it.

And now comes the ultimate irony. While we continue to send our kids to Iraq to fight and die, we offer asylum to Iraqi refugees because, we're told, they fear for their lives.

They leave THEIR country for the safety of OUR country, which will also offer them jobs, housing, welfare and medical benefits.

As far as I am concerned, the Iraqis will never be our friends. Let them rebuild their own country. And until every one of our kids is back home safe and sound, no asylum should be granted.

Iraq belongs to the Iraqis. They should stay and fight for it.

Donoghue works in San Antonio law enforcement. Her previous letters are here and here.

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