Pillar Of The [Illegal] Community
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The big immigration story in Chicago these days is the "plight" of poor Teresa Figueroa, an illegal alien who faces imminent deportation because she was caught using somebody else's Social Security number while holding down a job at Micron Industries in Elmhurst, IL, where, according to Figueroa, many of her coworkers also are illegal.

During an April 20 WGN Radio newscast, a spokeswoman for the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR), whose stated goal is to undermine the rule of law in this country, said:

"Teresa Figueroa is another example of a good person being punished by bad (immigration) laws."

This anarchist obviously doesn't understand that you don't have to be an immigrant—legal or illegal—to get nailed for taking part in this country's fastest growing crime—identity theft.

Naturally, a prayer vigil was called, and Ms. Figueroa's supporters planned to ask Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) to introduce special legislation that would allow this criminal, who has broken not one but two of our laws, to remain in the United States.

Because WGN Radio, whose bias is a bad as its corporate parent's, the Chicago Tribune, saw fit to present only one side of this story by painting Figueroa's as a "victim," I called the station's newsroom and spoke with the reporter responsible for the piece.

"What about the fact that Figueroa is seen as a pillar of her community?" asked the reporter.

"How can she be a 'pillar' in her community at the same time she's breaking the law?" I responded, and then had to take the reporter by the hand and explain that many white-collar workers who are "upstanding" members of their communities, churches, etc., are routinely sent to prison for embezzlement or worse.

The reporter acknowledged that I had a point and put my statement on tape to be used, presumably, when the story would be aired again later in the evening. She asked for my name and the name of our organization and said she'd put in it her Rolodex. But I'm not going to hold my breath because WGN Radio is, well, you know...

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