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A Whistleblower Gives Another Example Of Refugee Industry Hypocrisy; etc.

From:  [Name Withheld]

Re: Thomas Allen's Column: Bad Samaritan: The Episcopal Migration Ministries

Readers might be interested to know about a case involving Lutheran Refugee and Immigration Services (LIRS) and a Liberian refugee family in Fargo, North Dakota.

LIRS recently sent a letter marked "URGENT" demanding that the family immediately pay their International Organization for Migration travel loan in the full amount of $5,953. [Thomas Allen comments: IOM travel loans, which refugees use to pay for airfare to the U.S., is money that comes from the US government, not the U.N. or any other 'international' organization. So LIRS is not actually out the money—but it still wants the 25 percent it gets for acting as a collection agency.]

The family, who arrived last September 26, consists of a middle-aged mother, 5 underage children, a 19-year-old son, and two young grandsons.

The woman's husband is dead and she has been caring for the two grandsons since her daughter was killed in a refugee camp in Guinea.

The refugee woman is unemployed and has great difficulty communicating in English. Not only does she not read—so therefore could not understand the LIRS letter— but she says she had repeatedly gone to Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota (LSSND e-mail) in Fargo to ask for help in deciphering earlier LIRS letters.

Each time she took one of the LIRS letters to LSSND she was told that they would help her with her problem. But apparently they did nothing.

The widow is now being threatened by LIRS with possible court action. Her credit rating is in jeopardy.

This is a great poster-case in refugee industry hypocrisy.

Thomas Allen's complete refugee industry expose is here.

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An African-American Patriot in Illinois Demands A Fair Shake From VDARE.COM

From:  Braveheart

Would you people at VDARE.COM please refrain from the American tradition of lumping all black people together and then painting them with tainted negative observations about what is wrong with African Americans?  I call it being black-blind: if a person is black then he must be...whatever.

Do you ever have anything positive to say about African Americans?  Do you ever see us as Americans who have endured and contributed to this society at the highest of costs? 

We are the people who provided the "opportunities" for the waves of white immigrants who landed on these shores. Wall Street, where the New York Stock Exchange is located, runs along what was once the wall of a fort built by slaves

Our people were forced (via slavery, Jim Crow, de facto segregation, political manipulation and a long reign of social terror) to provide the false bottom beneath which the lowest white could not fall. 

Over and over we were dispossessed of our lands, businesses and skilled jobs to make way for incoming waves of white immigrants—be they German, Italian, Irish or Polish.  We were America's cooks, carpenters, gardeners, seamstresses, blacksmiths, brick masons, butchers, woodworkers, leather workers, cowboys, farmers, launderers and mill workers.

Each new wave of white immigrants demanded the coveted skilled jobs that black men had once done.  Whites systematically used politics to move black men out of the way.  They formed unions that permanently kept blacks out. 

Eventually, whites created welfare to ghettoize blacks. Then they demanded that no man be in the household to receive the welfare token—thereby taking away the male head of the family and ensuring the destruction of the black family.  What you see today in the black underclass is the result of centuries of white cultural and social engineering

African Americans are valiant, hard working people.  During the last fifty years, more than 50 percent of black Americans have dug their way out of legally mandated set-aside poverty that we had to endure. 

Yet we have fought and died for our nation's freedoms in every war. We have not mistreated the white children we were forced to care for.  We, for the most part, have not sought revenge for the sea of injustices that have been perpetrated against us.

We have pursued the American dream of education and home ownership. As a result, more African Americans own homes today and are college educated than ever before in this nation's history. Still, everyday we have to face cultural slander in the media.

Negatives are constantly touted — "black students score lower on standardized tests, black students don't read as well as their white counterparts..." 

Do you think that two centuries of legally banning black people from reading books has something to do with this state of affairs?  It is amazing how otherwise reasonable whites will turn to self-serving selective amnesia when it comes to black people.  

There are two black Americas: one middle class, the other hard-core underclass.  It will take concerted efforts to bring underclass children into safe, moral black church Christian school environments to educate and train them to live upright, stable and productive lives. 

Every other ethnic group has gone through this process: the Irish, Italians and  Jews all knew high crime, high out-of-wedlock births, and dysfunctional families.  They all used religious based schools to bring themselves out of their backwardness. Yet there was no one on the radio and television daily telling them how "criminally inclined," or how "morally bankrupt" or how "lazy" they are.

African-Americans overwhelmingly self-identify as Christians.  Millions of black Americans get up every morning and go to work and work hard, just like most of this nation's citizens. 

We are the embodiment of the Protestant work ethic.  Thousands of our young black people serve in our nation's military.  United States history cannot be justly told without telling of African American courage - from the likes of Crispus Attucks (the first man to die in the Revolutionary War), Benjamin Banneker, Jean-Baptiste-Point DuSable, Martin Luther King, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice.

We are a great people; we are great Americans.  As human beings we deserve to have our positive contributions recognized by anyone who speaks about us.

As American citizens, we demand it.

Braveheart has opposed illegal immigration for 30 years. About blacks and immigration reform, she says, "When black people are quiet that means they don't support the person or the issue. You don't see black people supporting those who are demanding amnesty."

Born in Chicago into a blue-collar family, Braveheart is the product of the Chicago public schools. After graduating from Harvard University, where she lived across the street from Julia Child, Braveheart became (as she describes herself), a domestic diva with a strong attachments to Ray Charles, Martha Stewart and, of course, Child.

Mail for Braveheart can be sent to [email protected] and will be forwarded to her.

Finally, read Peter Brimelow's 2003 comments to another African American who wrote that VDARE.COM's perspective is non-inclusive of blacks. The link is here.

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A California Reader Draws The Connection Between Heavy H-1B Usage and Corporate Fraud, Big Financial Losses

From: An Endangered American Professional

Many organizations reliant on H-1B workers suffer huge losses and are embroiled in ugly scandals.

Even though activism against illegal aliens has had a positive effect on some of our elected officials, the general public continues to be blissfully unaware of the economic and security threats posed by the H-1B visa program.

Consider that:

1. Major NASA contractors (such as Science Applications International       Corporation) hired hundreds of computer hardware, software, and aerospace engineers under the H-1B program in the years leading up to the tragic explosion of the space shuttle Columbia. Even NASA itself has hired at least one foreign aerospace engineer via the H-1B Visa program.

2. The companies that manufacture those unreliable e-Voting machines (Diebold, Sequoia, Hart Intercivic, and ESS) all extensively use H-1B technical personnel.

3. Enron and WorldCom both hired numerous H-1B workers for technical jobs, and then the leaders of these two firms perpetrated the biggest accounting frauds in history in an attempt to cover up massive financial losses. Former executives from both companies have been convicted on criminal charges related to the scams.

4. Sanjay Kumar, the former CEO of Computer Associates International Inc., recently pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and securities fraud charges. His former company has used non-immigrant  H-1B labor for years.

5. Tyco International, a multinational firm whose former chief executive and chief financial officer were convicted of fraud, is now the defendant in a massive class action lawsuit filed by current and former shareholders. The lawsuit alleges that former executives and board members, including former Chief Executive Dennis Kozlowski and former Chief Financial Officer Mark Swartz, operated the company as a criminal enterprise to enrich themselves. Pricewaterhouse Coopers (Tyco's accounting firm) has also been named as a defendant in the lawsuit. Both Tyco and Pricewaterhouse Coopers hired dozens of H-1B workers to fill technical and professional job categories in the years prior to and during the scandal.

6. America Online (AOL) merged with Time Warner Communications in 2001. The newly formed conglomerate then posted a record $99 billion dollar loss in fiscal 2002. The board of directors removed Steve Case as Chief Executive Officer, but not before Mr. Case pocketed tens of millions of dollars in bonuses and stock options. AOL and Time Warner successfully filed labor condition applications (LCAs) to hire H-1B workers for a wide array of professional positions before and after the merger.

The corporatists—as well as their paid lackeys in the mainstream media and Congress—would have us believe that the H-1B program is vital to American competitiveness and efficiency.

If that is the case, then why do so many organizations that use these foreign workers suffer financial failures, legal problems, and technical breakdowns?

Read the selections about H-1B and other non-immigrant visas written by VDARE.COM contributors Dr. Gene Nelson, Rob Sanchez and Dr. Norm Matloff, here, here and here.

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A Reconquista Reader Says He's: "Not Going No Where (Sic)"

From:   Panchovillalookn4elgringo [e-mail him]

Re: An Economist: "Go Home Now!"

How are we the aliens when u crossed an ocean?

only greed hate and stupidity can make you belive what you stand for!! im native to these lands they run threw my vains!!

im more then amillion strong!!  we dont die we mulitiply!!!

viva zapata, chavez, villa, che,

Joe Guzzardi comments: I didn't edit Mr.Panchovillalookn4elgringo's letter so that our readers could enjoy to the fullest its unique flavor.

Mr. Panchovillalookn4elgringo certainly makes some valid points.

Indeed he is "more then amillion strong." And who can quarrel with Mr. Panchovillalookn4elgringo's observation that he will "mulitiply?"

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