A Texas Reader Gives A Reconquista A History Lesson
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08/26/06 - Saturday Forum: A Whistleblower Gives Another Example Of Refugee Industry Hypocrisy; etc.

From:  Jeff G. [e-mail him]

Re: Saturday Forum: A Reconquista Reader Says He's: "Not Going No Where (Sic)"

I am so sick of the angry Mexicans irritated that we, as they put it, "stole Mexico" that I have to explain to them what really happened.

Reconquistas who want to learn the truth about the Mexican-American War can study every significant legal, historical or diplomatic treaty, proclamation and charter at Yale University's Avalon Project.

A review of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo reveals that the United States paid Mexico $15 million over a five-year period with interest.

We assumed and eliminated Mexico's European debt with France, England, Germany and Portugal.

And in during the century and a half plus since the U.S. and Mexico signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, we have done—and continue to do— some very nice things for Mexicans who decided to stay North.

The U.S. stole Mexico? I don't think so.

Jeff G., an engineer and businessman who lives near Dallas, advises that Metroplex locals are: "really put out about illegal aliens." 

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