A Reader Wonders What Influence Jack Abramoff Had on H-1B Policy
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A Displaced American Quant Reflects On The "Stupid Americans"

From: Laurence Jordon

Re: Rob Sanchez's Column: "American Jobs Saved in Congress—But For How Long?"

Sanchez's article must get the collective attention of more Americans because many of us continue to re-elect the same Democratic and Republican traitors.

Although Jack Abramoff was apparently not involved here, the multinational lobbyists are—and Roy Beck of NumbersUSA says Microsoft is the kahuna in this backroom sellout.

Yes, that wonderful Bill Gates who complains that American education is lacking...forget there are a million H1-Bs already here, forget there are probably that many unemployed 'former' American tech workers who saw the army of H1-bs replacing them.

They are liars.... corporate liars, thieves and traitors! 

Rob Sanchez writes: 

We don't know if Abramoff was involved in the recent attempt to increase H-1B visas but make no mistake about it—Microsoft and Rep. Tom Delay were.

Abramoff was a lobbyist for Microsoft and gave Tom Delay and many other politicians cash for their cooperation on H-1B. Once the money trail is looked at closely, the obvious conclusion must be that Tom Delay voted for H-1B in 1990 in part because of Abramoff's lobbying efforts on the behalf of Microsoft.

Abramoff's lobbying network also includes Ralph Reed and Grover Norquist, both of whom worked to expand the special visa programs.

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