A Texas Reader Says Make the American Dream Happen in Your Native Country
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From: D. King

Re: Thomas Allen's Column: When Treason Lobby Poster Children Go Bad…Nothing Changes

In the discussions about immigration, one strategy that immigration reduction camp needs to adopt is to call for people who genuinely care about the plight of poor immigrants to direct their concern, charity, and reform energies into pushing for changes in the home countries of these illegal immigrants.

This would defuse the argument that immigration reductionists are just mean, selfish, and unchristian racists.

People shouldn't need to leave their homes. The "American Dream" is not something that is limited only to North America.

There is a need now for a "World Dream" to inspire people wherever they live. Corruption of local government is the major cause of world poverty. Being uprooted from one's country and homeland—even voluntarily— is never a good thing.

I have met a lot of poor immigrants and I have never met one who was not homesick and struggling.

America is not large enough for the entire world's poor to move here.

The "American Dream" is reforming your own country. That is what the founders of America did.  Immigrants don't have to come to America but they may need encouragement from Americans to reform their own countries.

In the end, the world would be a much better place for everyone.

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